Sun in Aquarius — Moon in Aquarius

The combination of Aquarius Sun and Aquarius Moon signs produces a nature that is strong - a little bit indefinite, but strong. This is a combination that is somewhat of another world-ethereal, philosophical, and extremely open-minded. Your individuality and personality is a blend of the Aquarius traits of refinement, intelligence, and a broadly humane nature. Refined and intelligent, this combination provides the possibility of high talent or a streak of genius to be constructively developed. Ideas are prolific, and likely range from the conventional to the eccentric and the unusual. This is a position that is hyperactive mentally, but perhaps a procrastinator. Mentally, you are a trail-blazer, but one who definitely has a very short attention span for you apt to get yourself involved with a wide variety of subjects and avocations.

Aquarius has very humanistic instincts, a natural friendliness, and a talent for understanding and reading character. It is easy for you to blend with with strangers, and dealings with people rarely cause you any problem. Just the same, you are independent or somewhat individualistic, and require considerable personal freedom of thought and action. You are apt to success rather easily in business because of a combination of traits you possess. You are people oriented and thus, able to understand the needs of the public. You are original and progressive in your thinking; new ideas and advanced techniques are your forte. Aquarius is a so called fixed sign, so there is a strong fixed element associated with your personality, a high degree of focus and determination in your nature, giving the tenacity to see any of the many tasks that you undertake, through to completion.

Whether you are in business or scientific pursuits, you are motivated by very deep interest in doing something positive for world; for improving people’s lives in some way. It’s important that you stay busy with the expression of your ideas and talents. You are best when unsupervised and independent in your work; at your worst when required to perform any sort of routine or overly systematized task. You’re a bit on the high-strung side, and need to be sure of getting adequate relaxation and outside activities that allows the release of tensions. With your ability for controlled rational thinking, clear perception, and humanitarian concern, you surely have a lot to offer the world at large.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Moon ☽

Your interests range from living among native peoples, decoding ancient secrets, or looking through a microscope. Because in your quests you may really discover something, which wins you recognition, there is a good chance you will succeed. Frequently though, double Aquarians become so mired in their unusual pursuits that they begin to lose touch with reality. Or, on occasions, their discoveries are just so futurist that the rest of the world does not value them until many years later. An Aquarius-Aquarius can often be spotted by that distant sparkle in their eyes and enthrallment is the key to their character.

The unusual, the unnoticed and the untested are things you are alert to. You are always lost in thought with some new, burning interest and are high-strung and very energetic. Your inquisitiveness and taste for the exotic are voracious. You have a special type of intuition together with considerable intelligence and imagination. You always look toward the future, and somehow seem to know what it will bring; this holds true even in the distant future. But you do tend to be somewhat inconsistent and unclear. Your concentration and enthusiasm usually weaken quickly even though you start a project with total dedication.

Friends are wary when talking to the thrill-seeking and unpredictable double Aquarius. Your biggest issue is to find something that will focus and hold your interest. There is an impulsive aspect about you that can be totally frightening and can cause people to keep their distance. The fact is that you are an odd person and will not change anytime soon. People who cannot accept this will be sadly disappointed. You are attracted to work that permits a lot of freedom and independence and satisfies your never-ending curiosity. Accepting your own uniqueness can perhaps let people find it easier to be comfortable around you.

Professionally, science and reporting are fields that might interest a double Aquarius. You are insecure about yourself in spite of your magnetic and extroverted personality. It is vital that you have many assorted, interesting associations because friends are important to you. And associations are what they should be termed. It is almost impossible for you to become actually intimate with anyone because you are so detached. By the same token it is nearly impossible for you to hate someone, because you like to be a “friend” to everyone. Others are drawn to you because you are unique and your charm is unusual, but some of your more eccentric characteristics and can also rebuff them by your extreme independence.

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