Sun in Aquarius — Moon in Aries

The combination of Aquarius Sun and Aries Moon signs produces a quick aggressive mind, a keen sense of your own intelligence, and a sort of judicial attitude toward the rest of the world. You have to look out for smugness and self-satisfaction for you are somewhat prone to have a bit of a superiority complex. You are a very solid thinker, and what you know is usually accurate, well thought out, and well stated. But you can be cool, aloof, and detached, for your emotional side is anything but strong. Oddly, you do better when you don’t seem so sure of yourself.

This polarity combines the intellectuality and originality of Aquarius with the high spirit and independence of Aries. There is a lot of leadership potential in this match up, and indeed there is a firm and decided character. You push issues aggressively, often with the limited prudence or forethought that characterizes Aries. You don’t like supervision generally because of fixed and independent nature: you’re best when you can work on your own without much interference.

Although, as noted, you have a very fixed or stubborn disposition, you readily respond to bright new ideas, and in fact, you come up with your fair share of these, so it can never be said that you are the least bit reactionary. Personal impulsiveness or the tendency to precipitate matters suggests a need for patience, or perhaps just a willingness to wait for the right time to do things that you know instinctive need to be done. Enthusiasm keeps you on the move, and you find it difficult to be inactive either mentally or physically. Happiness can be increased by decreasing the demand for total personal independence and taking time to cultivate smooth relationships.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♈ Aries Moon ☽

You desire people to deal with things the way that you do because you are headstrong and impatient. No matter how bright, flexible, and clever you may be, selfishness and impulsiveness often undermine your efforts. You just have to be your own manager because teamwork is not your strongest asset. Uneasy, high-strung, and always way ahead of everyone, both mentally and physically, you get mixed up and annoyed when you find that others cannot always maintain your pace. Even though you have imagination, prudence and innovation, you are not as smart as you think you are. The term that describes you most accurately, in fact, is individual.

Your manner is sophisticated and, while you are always nervous about communicating your newest ideas, you have a problem building a relationship with your audience, because your zeal to talk is rarely matched with an eagerness or capacity to listen to others. When you meet what you feel to be ignorance or perplexity, you get worried and annoyed. You believe the best protection is a strong attack. But this tactic usually has the opposite result. To compensate, you may adopt a hard offhand manner and you end up making more foes. While there is a lot that needs to be handled, Aquarius-Aries can be the combination of the visionary dreamer and trailblazer.

You have to work on the emotional side of your personality for starters. After that, develop a trust in people once you learn to treat others diplomatically and to value what they have to say, there will not be much you cannot accomplish. You are impatient in romance just like you are in everything. Others will judge you a fool as long as you evaluate them so unsympathetically. Be a little more tolerant and understanding if you really want to reach some of those big dreams. An applied scientist, social theorist, or inventor is possible in your future because of your brilliance.

Aquarius-Arians are always aimed at the future, and can generally be found at the head of their professions, working for progress and change. Being more open to the insights and ideas of others is essential for you to learn. Your intellectual development is ahead of your emotional development. You have a short fuse and are inconsistent and your anger and indignation can be frightening. You may become unreasonable and unpredictable if you feel threatened. Underlying feelings of uncertainty and insecurity are the cause of this.

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