Sun in Aquarius — Moon in Cancer

The combination of Aquarius Sun and Cancer Moon signs produces a personality that reflects less of the Aquarius nature and emphases more of the influences of the Moon than in any other possible Aquarius pairing. This is simply because the Sun is never really strong in Aquarius, and the Moon is always especially strong in its natural sign, Cancer. You are far more subjective and not nearly so detached and aloof as the typical person with an Aquarius Sun. Nonetheless, this combination blends the originality and independence of Aquarius with the feelings, sensitivity and tenacity of Cancer.

You possess a somewhat restless and changeable nature because of a deep sensitivity and receptivity to outside influences. You’re susceptibility to surroundings and associations enables you to respond quickly to other people, as you intuitively know when you are liked or disliked. Your uncanny faculty for responding to others allows you to always be very popular and to have a wide circle of friends. You possess considerable personal charm, normally proving gracious and considerate in contact with other people because you have a kind disposition. Social life and personal relationships mean a good deal to you. You can be very popular in business life because you take a personal interest in the affairs and activities of employees and business associates.

A natural inclination for industry and persistence or tenacity of purpose in business or profession should assure success. You have the knack for feeling the truth about things rather than having to reason them out. Your ability to think things through is never as reliable as your feelings about a matter. Usually you can maintain a realistic, if optimistic, approach to every job to decide to tackle. You think in terms of success, the maximum, and the best that you can do. You enjoy casual social gathering and you’re always a good host. You can achieve success in many field, perhaps as much on your personality as your actual talents. Your greatest asset is no doubt your understanding of human nature, and your greatest weakness may be the lack of understanding of the complexities of your own nature.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♋ Cancer Moon ☽

You always view others as you would view yourself and are very aware of your own restrictions and a bit unsure of yourself. You judge others with sympathy, acceptance, and patience. Others sense your honesty and are drawn to your romantic and slightly offbeat approach, so they invariably feel comfortable with you. Your combination is one of the most creative, attractive, and most of all perceptive. It might look as though you are just a detached and remote Aquarian, but beneath that cool, intellectual surface is a very sensitive, understanding, and highly perceptive individual. You have incredible intensity, insight, and instinct.

Two of your strengths are empathy and adaptability. You can intuitively understand all sorts of people. You are at home almost anywhere and there is nothing fake or arrogant about you. There is no limit to your creative imagination. You are capable of reaching your many dreams and goals because you are tuned in. And you have really big dreams. You tend to hold in pain and frustrations ad infinitum, which may cause psychological problems. A great deal, obviously, rests on your early home situation and whether it was secure and emotionally encouraging and helped to develop a positive self-image. But there is a self-sufficiency available.

All Aquarians can get security and a healthy outlook via social activities, no matter what their past is. Your allure and affability almost assures support from friends and mentors later on in life if security was not present in the childhood home. Your inquisitiveness about the world around you is inexhaustible and you are likely to have many pursuits. Aquarius-Cancer combinations include Norman Mailer, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Clark Gable.

A Cancer Moon increases Aquarian incompatibilities and insecurities. For example, men of this combination might attempt to make up for deep-seated fears and hide their emotional vulnerability by taking on a tough, macho surface. Aquarius-Cancers can simply become eccentric recluses or that active Cancer imagination can cause a lot of paranoia. While periodic getaways and withdrawal may be important to your emotional health, be careful that it does not become your only reaction to frustration or defeat. In order to fight the more negative expressions of their imaginations all Cancer-Aquarians should stay socially active.

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