Sun in Aquarius — Moon in Capricorn

The combination of Aquarius Sun and Capricorn Moon signs produces a positive and authoritative personality; a very solid and practical individual with individualistic qualities. The Aquarius side of this nature brings originality and independence, but this is tempered by the conservatism, deep ambition and caution of Capricorn. Your calm persistence, deep determination and talent for cold calculation or prudent thinking assure sound judgment and realistic evaluation of conditions or situations.

You know your course in life and you are not one to be diverted by emotional factors. Restless at times, you need to keep busy in your profession, business or public life. You have a powerful sense of responsibility and deep seriousness to your nature. Business responsibilities may be heavy. You have great inner sources that enhance your personality.

This is a combination that shows the talent to cope with large enterprises and for handling large numbers of people. You have strong, deeply rooted convictions and ideals, and you conduct your business with a strict code of ethics. You are a natural executive with humanitarian leanings, as you combine friendliness and fair play with your strict business principles. You strive more for power and authority than for wealth and material success.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Moon ☽

You always work to create new forms of expression and application even though you are formal and conventional and have an enduring respect for custom. Not many can match you for pure wit and persuasiveness and you are a formidable debater. One of your biggest strengths is cold logic. You are an excellent analyst, philosopher, and administrator because of your ability to coolly separate yourself from your emotions and see things objectively. You are sociable, alluring, and enthusiastic like your fellow Aquarians, but you are essentially removed and extremely autonomous.

Individualism is your credo. You are a strong believer in the rights and dignity of the individual. You believe that you reap what you sow. A sensible, determined Capricorn Moon together with the Aquarian imagination and prudence grounds you. You have a look about you that suggests genius or, insanity for some. You never lose your fundamental stability and practicality no matter how enthused you may be. Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin are famous Aquarius-Capricorns. Self-respect is part of your character. In addition you are inventive and fearless about expressing your beliefs and views.

You believe the individual is completely accountable for himself and the flaws of others can consequently make you impatient. Nevertheless, you do have deep humanitarian persuasions. You are not mean or heartless. Because you are so independent and secure it is hard for you to comprehend individuals who have psychological problems. Tolerance is something you must learn. More compassion is needed toward those who do not share your gifts. Ambitiousness and the craving for recognition can become all powerful in some Aquarius-Capricorns.

Prejudice or emotion rarely color your views and you draw your conclusions exactingly from observation. Unfortunately though, once you have determined your positions, you become stuck to them forever. Fanaticism, in some Aquarius-Capricorns’ convictions can sometimes come into play. You are extroverted socially. You never lose that aura of isolation even though you are charismatic and pleasant, and this sets you apart. People know that under that bright, cheerful facade is determination you keep hidden. Friendship, as with all Aquarians, is fundamental to you. You are shrewd in choosing friends, however, and prefer those who can help to improve your status and image.

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