Sun in Aquarius — Moon in Gemini

Aquarius Sun and Gemini Moon combined produces, quite surprisingly, a romantic personality. Idealism is strong, mixed with some critical tendencies. A romantic, but definitely living more by your mind than by your senses. You dramatize life and yourself, often expanding and enhancing the facts of a matter, idealizing love affairs and life in general. You rarely exclude much of the details from your stories. The Aquarius/Gemini mix yields a very harmonious and versatile combination, blending the independence and originality of the Aquarius, with the wit, versatility, and intellectuality of Gemini.

Intellectually you are quick, apt, and intuitive, but with a tendency to skim only the surface of most subjects you encounter. In the real world business, this can be a handicap. Your attention span is rather short. It’s hard to pin you down to reality, and you can easily find yourself drifting in life. If this is not so in business, then it probably is in your personal life. Having and holding a fixed purpose can be a problem. Actually, however, your nature is truly much more fixed than it appears. Success depends on emphasizing the decisive potential in your nature, and becoming involved in some form of creative activity that allows you to express yourself mentally.

You put facts and ideas together so quickly that you are a natural for advertising, writing, public speaking, or in just about any kind of job that allows you to live by your wit. You tire easily of routine and detail. There is a duality in your nature that shows rapid changes in moods and attitudes. You change your mind often and abruptly. Companionship is extremely important to you. You need someone to talk to constantly, and that someone must be mentally compatible and stimulating to your intellectual growth and cultural achievement.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♊ Gemini Moon ☽

You enjoy toying with theories, ideas, and concepts, even very eccentric ones. You are an intellectual, whether a dabbler or a deep scholar. You also love to examine and explore, and your combination is frequently found in the charts of journalists. Culture and people fascinate you. You are outgoing and amiable. You discover yourself by watching the lives and life-styles of others. You are attentive, insightful, and particularly, mobile. You are a very keen person. Because restlessness and a continuous desire for freshness and excitement keep you on the move, there is not much you have not seen or done.

You obtain a worldly wisdom, which is without equal with the experience you gain from your travels, mishaps, and adventures. As a reformer, you frequently become involved in projects and actions, which accent modification and innovation. In some way you know just what tomorrow will bring and intuition is one of your best gifts. However you live for the future so much that you frequently forget the delights and marvels of the present. You are essentially unemotional but thoughtful to everyone you meet. Because you are wrapped up in your own individuality, it is hard for you to have close emotional ties with anyone.

Therefore, regardless of how many friends you have, you will always be a loner. You become bewildered and rattled if you encounter an emotional situation, and are never quite sure how to deal with it. Luckily, your happy disposition makes up somewhat for your lack of emotional depth. You are very idealistic but your compassion is kept for abstracts and ideologies. You are not in the least romantic. You will probably do well with the opposite sex due to your charisma and air of mystery. It is difficult for you to be truly intimate because of your somewhat strong sense of freedom and overall objectivity.

Your beguiling and attractive nature is hard to resist and no matter how calm you may seem, you are really happy only when you think all eyes are on you. Worldliness and wit are yours, and somehow you end up getting the attention you think you deserve. Just be cautious that pride does not become an Achilles’ heel. Good health, adaptability, and talent are suggested by your combination because it is very harmonious. You may just be gliding along because your life is pretty much free of trouble and inner divergence. If you push yourself to the maximum of your capacities and reject the urge to just get by, it is probable that you will accomplish a great deal in life.

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