Sun in Aquarius — Moon in Leo

The combination of Aquarius Sun and Leo Moon signs produces the sort of personality that is always there to help people in need; a true humanitarian. Because this trait is so strong in your nature, you’re a bit of an easy mark for con men or other friends and family that would take advantage. You are the one people come to when they have problems and need help. You are proud, independent, and self-reliant, and you don’t like to have your original good opinion of people upset. Because of this, you keep a bad bargain and perhaps stay with a relationship that has gone sour. There are times, thanks to your deeply emotional but expansive and friendly nature, that you need to be hard-headed and practical in dealing with people, particularly in handling people making demands on your time or money.

This combination blends the originality and independence of Aquarius with the emotional warmth and confidence of Leo. Born near a full Moon, you possess the inclination to project your personality into the world or affairs. Sensitive and affectionate, marriage strongly influences your life. Naturally friendly, you have a great capacity for kindness and sympathy, and you love very deeply. Sometimes romantic interests may cloud your judgment and ability for practical action. Just the same, these are both fixed signs, and you are very hard to convince against your will.

You follow your inner feelings and can be positive and determined when you feel you are right. As a leader, you employ a style of warm and affection rather than by using more stern and harsher methods. You have a tendency to be impulsive and jump to conclusions, often making decisions without due forethought. Principle means a great deal to you and you are strongly influenced by this and by your feelings, affections, and emotions. Success comes most easily, however, when you can keep your emotions under the control of your intellect.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♌ Leo Moon ☽

Common to every Aquarius-Leo is confusion about who you are or who you should be. However most finally resolve their difficulties by striking a balance. Instead of denying yourself the rank and authority you long for, you will pursue an ambitious life. Nevertheless, you will always remain thoughtful and sympathetic in your dealings with others. You are a nice individual, a friend to everyone, and you treat others as equals because of your Aquarian nature. However your Leo inner self is solid, dignified, and controlling. In actual fact, you want to be the leader and exercise that authority.

You waver between assertiveness and over- accommodation, authority and compliance, but you want to be loved and valued by everyone, which often holds you back. The two signs of your combination are totally different in essence and character, which gives you a multifaceted personality with many inner battles. Your combination indicates great force, dedication, and purposefulness as well as a lot of intelligence. You are always unsure of whether to rely on your heart or your mind, but decision making may be hard for you.

As with all Aquarians, you see things from a separate, intellectual perspective. However, because your Leo inner nature is very emotional, your heart nearly always has the last word in your life. Many Aquarius-Leos are attracted to the metaphysical and occult and are frequently members of religious cults offering instant salvation. Your extraordinary imagination and self-governing spirit need a constructive outlet for expression. Both of your signs are fixed signs so you must be careful that obstinacy, arrogance, and bigotry do not stand in your path to success. Like all Leos you long for admiration and attention and you have a strong sense of the theatrical, but your sporadic ostentation and kookiness are often funny.

You are prone to behaving on sudden, random hunches because you are impulsive. Unfortunately this often turns out to be catastrophic. Finally, through trial and error, you do well in anything you try, even though you are forgetful and absentminded. You do learn from experience. Dedication is one of your preferred words. Devoted and honest, you are not happy until you have mastered whatever you do. Your youth was probably a disaster or limited in some way. Senseless revolt and inner chaos, especially in your youth, may have been the result.

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