Sun in Aquarius — Moon in Pisces

The combination of Aquarius Sun and Pisces Moon signs produces a mind that is very original and able to grasp the most vague, ethereal and extreme concepts. The blend mixes friendliness, originality and independence of Aquarius with the emotional sensitivity and imagination of Pisces. You are a person who is naturally persevering and conscientious, being interested in detail, method and order. Your way of reacting to the world is very interesting. You can spend days just dreaming and speculating. You are fascinated by the unusual and the abstract, finding it interesting to take up studies in any number of bizarre topics.

Loving to read and study, you may become very well informed on a wide variety of subjects. You lean heavily on your hunches and way out ideas, and you’re easily distracted from routine work. You dream a lot and you have an utter faith in the dreams you dream. Your mind can get so far afield on some vaguely related tangent that you may even forget what the task at hand originally was. Your perceptions are so vividly acute that it is often not practical to pay attention to all of them.

You live a private life of your own, into which few others ever penetrate. A keen imagination or a sort of mental vision allows you to be good money-maker in a variety of fields; you seem to be able to intuitively realize possibilities and take advantage of them. You success relies on talent and intelligence since you don’t project a particularly strong leadership personality. There is a tendency for you to let things drift. At times you should display a more forceful will, but by and large you develop a very pronounced prudence and sense of caution. You can benefit in overcoming or controlling a tendency to accept things in a passive way, or in being too friendly and obliging if others incline to take advantage of your good nature.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♓ Pisces Moon ☽

You are a very kind and helpful person and are able to identify and sympathize with almost everybody. Your innocent soul is humble, generous, and sensitive. You know the difference between right and wrong because you have an innate sense of integrity and wisdom. But your spirituality is not always synchronized with pragmatic common sense. You have no cunning or shrewdness and are completely trusting. Your faith in other is total and you would be eaten alive if other people were not so kind to you. Fortunately people never fail to respond in a positive way to your innocence.

There is a dreamy look that Aquarius-Pisceans have and it seems they have just woken up and do not know where they are. This approach is used in everything, as though existence is carried on in several dimensions. If you see the entire world at once you get mixed up because you cannot really separate the parts. It is possible a religious path might be for you because you are quite spiritual. Some Aquarius-Pisceans are even drawn to the monastic life. Furthermore, you may be especially tuned in to the occult and the mysterious. More mainstream people find this quite odd about you.

Sri Rama Krishna, the founder of the Vedanta Society, represents a very evolved Aquarius-Pisces. Your imagination is strong and you have a very visual mental framework. Given the right motivation and teaching, you might be an artist or other creative entrepreneur. However you must acquire some direction and discipline from others to be successful. Without this you are a ship with no rudder to guide you to your destination. You are a sponge for the stress or feelings around your environment. That is a strong influence on you.

Meditating, reading or listening to music from time to time is good for you. However you must be careful that isolation does not take you away from involvement with others. High technology or heavy competition is not suited for you as a career. Involve yourself in a profession where you can use your compassionate and humanitarian feelings. Or perhaps think in terms of using your powerful clairvoyant skills. Because of your detached character, people might think that you are uncaring. Aquarian detachment may lead others to believe that you are not very sensitive, but the opposite is actually true.

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