Sun in Aquarius — Moon in Sagittarius

The combination of Aquarius Sun and Sagittarius Moon signs produce an individual who is very active, both physically and mentally. Independence of mind and action, thought and expression, are the keynotes of your nature. This pairing combines the friendliness, originality and independence of Aquarius, with the honesty, sincerity, directness and enthusiasm of Sagittarius. Your personality is friendly and active, expressing independence and freedom in your thinking and in your abilities to see ideas through to completion.

A friendly and a very understanding nature tends to place you firmly on the humanitarian side on most issues, and you are likely to busy yourself doing something that in some way directly benefits your fellow man. There is an instinctive and deep-rooted love of truth and knowledge that endows you with a noble and sincere nature. You intensely dislike any sham or deception, and you play the game of life and business by the rules. You never are willing to in any situation to compromise your principles. You admire honesty and straightforward people, and you hold more to individuals possessing these traits, regardless of their station in life.

You have a common sense approach to life; although you are put off by intellectualism, you love to philosophize and dream. Actually, you have the qualities of an uncompromising intellectual; honesty, strong opinions, and a broad viewpoint on world affairs. You are impulsively quick to act on your ideas, advanced and revolutionary as they may sometimes be. You believe in getting things done, and done in shortest possible time, employing the most innovative methods you can devise.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Moon ☽

While academically inclined, you think that experience is the best teacher and results the best kind of knowledge. You prefer to learn and create your own worlds and ideals instead of relying on the established or the academic. You have a desire for exploring the globe, especially when you were young and your desire for independence reached its summit. Settling down and utilizing your talents does not come easily. The hardest choice for you is to give actual expression to some of those visions of the future by focusing your talents in a single direction. You are tolerant and fond of the unusual as well as very self-sufficient and imaginative.

You enjoy the theoretical and the philosophical and you are a deep thinker. Your combination can result in the irresponsible drifter, happy to roam from one new experience to another, always trying new things, but never learning anything. Inspiration is the essence of your being, but regrettably yours is not always in the realm of practical reality. You get bored with the old and you always look for innovation and exploration. There are many dilettantes in the unique combination of Aquarius-Sagittarius.

You are admirable and meticulous, but any obligation to study or work too frequently feels like a burden. This makes it extremely hard for you to develop the control and commitment necessary to accomplish anything meaningful. You attract people to you because of your positive viewpoint and your informal, irreverent manner. Because you are eccentric some may believe you a bit odd, like all Aquarians. Furthermore, some of your more alternative interests may seem a little bizarre to the majority of people. You are not especially interested in the mainstream or conventional. Because you prefer it that way you will always choose your own way. You are a dreamer and a romantic in matters of the heart. Furthermore your inquisitiveness relative to the opposite sex is endless. Consequently, you will surely have a lot of affairs.

Your independent nature is commendable and attests to your courage, but it is important for you understand how to adapt to life’s realities. The rebelliousness may last late into life, and finally all that nonconformity may seem like it was just self-interest. There is little you cannot achieve if you can learn to check that propensity. Members of your combination include Charles Lindbergh, Charles Dickens, and Mozart. The Sagittarius Moon can raise up the original imagination and innovation of Aquarius, and bring about a very creative and groundbreaking individual. That is possible in politics, the arts, or the sciences.

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