Sun in Aquarius — Moon in Taurus

The combination of Aquarius Sun and Taurus Moon signs produces a personality that people find easy to like and admire. This is not so much for what you do as it is for what you don’t do. Your never petty or small, and your appeal is to those in the higher as well as the lower rungs of society. You don’t pester people with your worries and anxieties, but when others come to you, you drop everything to listen to their problems. You’re interested in people, and like to be around them as an observer, but somehow maintaining a distance and not getting too involved individually.

You rate people not on their position or rank, but simply on whether they interest you or not. You have a certain self-sufficiency about you, and you never feel that you have to put on airs to impress anyone. You have all it takes to be executive, except the desire that would be required. You seem to be devoid of any domineering or missionary spirit, willing to "live and let live".

This combination blends the originality and independence of Aquarius, with the determination and powerful will of Taurus. These two fixed signs together give a will that is so strong that it may become obstinate and intransigent. Happiness can depend on assuring peacefulness and harmony in environment or home life, and in respect to human relationships. You need to be deeply interested in people.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♉ Taurus Moon ☽

You are a total individualist who sets broad, sweeping goals for yourself. People will follow you anywhere because you are a born leader. You are quite happy to lead them. An Aquarius-Taurus often feels a marked sense of duty to humanity. Some members of this combination include Adlai Stevenson and Ronald Reagan. Your conniving plans are sometimes ostentatious and some of them are just plain laughable. You can be a hardnosed and fearsome opponent when challenged and you are very confident. In your combination, transcendent, idealistic, and caring Aquarius is balanced by sensible, emotionally stable, and secure Taurus.

You are somewhat too charming for your own good. Your romanticism and lofty perspective are tempered by astuteness and pragmatism. Your mind is keyed to the theoretical and you enjoy thinking and acting on a grand scale. You are aware of your worth. You are obstinate and will never compromise your ideals, but your beliefs and convictions may change periodically. You are not impulsive like other Aquarians. Before starting on a course of action, you prefer to plan and deliberate, but sometimes you consult the fortunetellers.

Your self-importance and stubbornness can essentially take you over and cause arrogant, self-satisfied and even obsessive behavior. It is crucial that you learn to be easier going and open to alternative thoughts and opinions. Failing to curb your bias and obstinacy can easily ruin your wonderful plans and dreams. You are friendly and affable, socially. Your faithfulness and concern are limitless and you think of your friends as your brothers and sisters. You are highly superstitious. If it seems rational, because you are determined to put your ambitions into action, you will take a chance.

People have a high regard for your self-control and are drawn to your style. No matter how eccentric you can be at times, the confidence that others place in you is justifiable because you are totally trustworthy. If you are not victimized by your own faults, you will be able to achieve a lot in life. You run the risk of becoming too rigid in your positions and demeanor or foolishly stubborn and biased. When you were young you were experimental, toying with various political theories and life-styles, but once you decide which are best for you, then you stay with them. Having made up your mind about something, you stick to it.

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