Sun in Aquarius — Rising in Aquarius

A man with the Sun in Aquarius and an ascendant in Aquarius is an undiscovered source of ideas and a reformer in his environment, but also a good buffoon. Life for them is a circus, and one can never be sure that in this circus the arena in an old fashion is under the dome: they are all ready to turn everything upside down, even if the whole world has gone to waste. At the same time, they have the gift of spreading optimism.

Aquarius with an ascendant in Aquarius love illusions and are ready to believe for a moment in them. Having received an account from some financial institution, and believing that they do not have to pay, they immediately come up with a reason for this. If the fee is collected from them, they establish a society of opponents of recovery.

This is liked by others, whom they dazzle and entertain, so that they do not notice how serious are many innovations and reforms. However, they exaggerate, and get for it in their own goal one goal after another. They are constantly cited as an example of others.

If the doctor prescribes an allopathic remedy for them, they turn to naturopathy, if naturopathy is suggested, they attack chemical drugs. They are simply afraid to be regulated, in the mass they just choke; They must resist. Visions - their life elixir, and they have them, without sleep, there is not only one change, but the need for changes is well-known to them.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Rising ☆

You can not help being a typical Aquarius: humane, idealistic and shockingly impassive. You keep your emotions under strict control and in your actions you are guided basically by logic. Nevertheless, you are very kind-hearted and can help anyone who asks for it at any time. Being a practical person, you develop an action plan and act in accordance with it.

You are confident in yourself, staunchly stick to your opinions and do not give up your positions without a fight. Often you come to the erroneous conclusion that those who do not agree with you, or fools, or crazy, or both. You have a wide circle of friends, but you avoid joining any groups or associations. You need fresh impressions, and you get tired of constantly seeing the same faces.

You are sincere and completely open, sometimes eccentric. You are a good friend, although you are quick-tempered, but not rancorous and, as a rule, polite and soft. Probably, you will receive an inheritance, or your family will help you, although this help will be a source of trouble for you. You probably have several brothers and sisters, and there are disagreements between you.

You may well be the only child in the family. This combination of signs suggests that the father will have an adverse effect on your life: he will separate from the family, without waiting until you grow up, and maybe emigrate. You can also go abroad and live there until old age.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a stubborn dreamer who likes to rant with an important air. You will go to everything just for the sake of seeming special, and this desire often takes a distorted form. In your case, this conscious desire to look unnatural, and not a natural eccentricity. In your emotions, you are too careful to succumb to something that can make you vulnerable. You like to talk about feelings, although it is unlikely that you have experienced them since the last tooth was cut. You also have absolutely no sense of time. You live by your inner clock, and you do not care about other people. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is difficult for you to maintain friendly relations with someone for a long time. But this does not upset you, since you prefer to have acquaintances, and not close friends, who may require some attention from you.

Love and Family

Your main motto: "Love grows stronger at a distance." You are intensely avoiding those who make attempts to take over you and restrict your freedom. Romantic dinner inspires you much less than an intelligent conversation. You avoid marriage by all means, but if you find your ideal, you are capable of strong affection and loyalty to your chosen one until old age. Your spouse will probably come from a good family and be a man of art. A long and happy married life awaits you. You will not have many children, maybe twins, and they will give you a lot of trouble. The elder child in the first two years of life will require special care and attention. You will travel a lot for family business.

Career and Money

You have the spirit of freedom, so you will feel the greatest satisfaction with your own business or working as a freelancer. You have a scientific mindset, and you will be attracted to work related to computers or nuclear physics. Scientific research or electronics will give you food for the mind, which you constantly need. You will succeed in life thanks to your talents and personal efforts. The financial situation will not be particularly stable, on the way to prosperity, you will face obstacles and vicissitudes of fate. To make good money, you will have to make long trips. Probably, you will have two or more sources of income, and your profession will be of a secret nature and may be associated with research in the field of chemistry, with work in a government or military commission. You can also attract the work of a detective. You have great respect among others and you have many friends.

Health and Immunity

You have an exceptionally active mind that does not know rest, and so you can suffer from insomnia, which is fraught with overwork and sometimes depressed. Vulnerable areas — blood, muscles, prone to spasms, intestines, stomach, calves and ankles. You may also be bothered by eczema and neuralgia. But you are by nature reasonable and aware that improving your health is entirely in your hands.

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