Sun in Aquarius — Rising in Aries

The character of a person with the Sun in Aquarius and an Ascendant in Aries can develop an extraordinary energy, with the conviction that the task is necessary. They are for everything new, for humanity, for social ideals, for the technique used immeasurably. This is the riders, hoping that the gasoline is enough for the entire run, although common sense dictates that at least 2 refuelings are needed.

Aquarius with an ascendant in Aries is ready to enter into a dispute with everyone who relies on common sense. Life is determined by intuition, reasonableness can follow it, but does not pave the way, for this one needs insight. So they are unexpected, taken for doing something from one end, then the other, they make an impression of unpredictability.

Nevertheless, they achieve success, which is admirable, although not for long, but this does not interest them anymore. They are based on something foolish, they do not take themselves too seriously. However, they should not be offended — they react sharply to this. They bring motion to their environment, they themselves are always restless, maybe even nervous; They are full of some sort of dream, the world sees them in some brilliance.

Internal anxiety is their life elixir, they feel almost fear of pauses and peace. At the same time they believe that peace is necessary; But they say a lot of things that they themselves do not think! They revitalize the world around him, give him jerks. They, maybe, tire, but you do not get bored with them.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♈ Aries Rising ☆

This combination of signs gives a person fervor, cheerfulness and generosity. People are attracted by your optimism and energy, with which you go through life, and you are very popular. Nevertheless, stamina and constancy are not your strongest points, and you tend to run away from difficulties rather than fight them. Sometimes it is necessary to do this, but sometimes it’s better to wait until the logical end of the life collision and not turn away from the problems. But since you live in the present moment, you are not interested in the past or the future.

In society, you are always in demand, and you are especially attracted to clubs, associations, sports and other places and events of this kind. Although you are quick-tempered, your anger does not last long, and you do not hesitate to apologize for your outburst. You are honest, frank, you are a good organizer. You are generous, recklessly brave, even extravagant, and you can be deceived to make charitable deeds towards those who do not deserve it. Probably, in the family you are the only child. In childhood, your life was overshadowed by many problems and complications arising from the turmoil in the affairs of your parents.

Dark Side of the Sign

Although you are energetic and active, you tend to spray your forces in too many ways. Certainly, it is good, when the person has versatile interests, but he would undoubtedly have achieved more if he could keep them in his head for longer than several hours. The inability to concentrate on one thing extends to your personal life, and although you seem to be a man who fulfills his promises, your elected ones soon realize that they have been entrapped. When they discover your true nature, they understand that in you there is not enough that you could cherish.

Love and Family

In love, you are romantic, bold, and inclined to dramatize events. You fall in love at first sight, but further the attractiveness of a partner for you quickly dims. You need a companion of life that would lift you in your own eyes, flatter you and respect all your dignity. You will marry early and hastily, only then to later repent of this deed, and then to marry again. This combination of signs does not give many children, so it is better to discuss this in advance with your future spouse. You will have few or no children. You are looking for a great passion, which often ends in disappointment. Show some common sense, and everything will go well.

Career and Money

Professional success is for you a prerequisite for happiness, and you strive for it with unflagging persistence. However, on your way, you are likely to encounter many difficulties, for the overcoming of which you will need all your courage. Your fortune is changeable, and you can get material benefits through marriage or property. There are frequent moves, you will not stay long in one place. There is a possibility of working abroad. With your spirit of enterprise, you could become a pioneer, scientist or engineer. You are also attracted by geology, jurisprudence and military career. You may be interested in working in small companies, where you could become an important person.

Health and Immunity

You are an extremely energetic person and always give all your best. Nevertheless, you tend to overload your body and are not located to rest, which can adversely affect your health. You are also prone to flatulence, intestinal disorders (especially inflammatory ones) and eye, hand and foot injuries. You belong to the type of people who will rather work for wear and tear than get sick from idleness.

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