Sun in Aquarius — Rising in Cancer

The character of the person with the Sun in Aquarius and the ascendant in Cancer seeks to amaze the surrounding people. They seem sociable and receptive, but in fact they are so eccentric that they are completely unexpected. They like partly the ability to adapt, in part to what comes out of the framework.

The addiction of Aquarius with an ascendant in Cancer to technology comes to a genius, combining interest with emotional involvement. Here they have something all the time, something extraordinarily and attractively. Some of them dispassionately use this attraction, others begin to seriously reflect on the ability of the masses to be blinded.

Human in them is pronounced. Mothers seek to educate their children with new methods; However, if this fails, they completely retreat. Children can suffer a lot in this, because everything is done with great excess. They do not stand monotony, they need changes. If their life does not offer, they themselves present surprises to others. However, if the joke goes too far, they can stop, this is their good trait.

Through their efforts they achieve something, but they do not aspire to higher achievements. They are quite enough if they like as a person, they care less about the social criminal. They are very receptive and touchy. They have an extraordinary sense for the passage of time, in this they can be relied upon.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♋ Cancer Rising ☆

Although you can understand yourself, other people are obviously experiencing difficulties with this. At first glance, you seem sensitive, vulnerable, impressionable and romantic. People treat you accordingly and remain perplexed, confronted with the alienation and cold that is hidden behind your appearance. You are attracted by changes, you are active, very fond of traveling and will always find the reason for withdrawing from the place. You grasp the ideas belonging to others, and imagine them as your own.

You are quick-tempered and can be overbearing and cruel. You are circumspect and largely independent, and your adaptability is simply unique. Nevertheless, exceptional sensitivity and rich imagination make you very irritable. Probably, after a string of troubles and problems, you will inherit money and property. You can be trapped by the danger from relatives, with whom you do not get along. You become close to another family, perhaps because you will not find understanding in your own.

Dark Side of the Sign

As a result of the combination of the idealism of Aquarius and the romanticism of Cancer, we get a personality that has lost all connection with the world. You then dwell on the events of the past, then worry about what can happen in the distant future. The present easily eludes your attention. You are like an actor who, depending on the situation, can play the part of a martyr, then an adventurer. The surrounding ones are simply shocked by your endless performances and exaggerations. You remain deaf to any attempts to get you to look at the facts in person, so it’s not surprising that friends one by one leave you. This gives you the opportunity to play another role — this time true, but offended in your best feelings friend.

Love and Family

Regardless of your attractive appearance, you are not prone to fleeting connections. For you, love is reliability, and it is difficult for you to accept one without the other. You want to connect your life with a person who is distinguished by openness and honesty. It’s hard for you to fall in love for real, because your impermanence leads to incessant disappointments. But you are not discouraged, and the need for love makes you make new friends. This combination of signs does not favor happiness in marriage. Probably, you will receive the inheritance, but only after the litigation. Children will require special attention and care from you, will bring a lot of trouble, but will be lucky in life. They will become for your protection and support in old age.

Career and Money

You are ambitious and have an amazing tenacity that will help you climb the ladder of success. You will make a great performer, since you are a very organized and hardworking person. You are attracted by business, you can become an employee of a bank or an insurance company or do research work. A rich imagination will allow you to easily process the old material and present it as a new one. In any case, your life will be full of changes, from the vicissitudes of fate you can not succeed. You are able to excel in any activity that requires the ability to negotiate, or become a functionary of any social movement. Money does not come easily to you, and you can lose an inheritance as a result of unsuccessful speculation, the intrigues of relatives, love affairs or cases involving children. However, in the mature years, prosperity and success will come to you.

Health and Immunity

You have an excellent appetite, and the more calorie the food, the better for you. However, your poor stomach can not always cope with such stresses. You should eat moderately and exercise regularly, but you are unlikely to heed this advice. Beware of diseases of the breast and stomach, and in the elderly — rheumatism and sciatica. There is also a certain risk of injury from falls or damage caused by animals during the journey or when you are abroad. Decrease your love for sweets, and you can live a long life.

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