Sun in Aquarius — Rising in Capricorn

The character of the person with the Sun in Aquarius and the Ascendant in Capricorn is always ready for serious reforms. They behave originally, but behind many jokes feel the depth. Mocking a policeman who makes comments to them about the improper parking of a car, they absolutely seriously demand documentary confirmation of the document.

Aquarius with an ascendant in Capricorn tend to win, remaining reasonable. They talk about social reforms, but so much bureaucratize them, that nothing remains of the reforms. They are enthusiastically involved in the work on rationalizing the enterprise, not noticing that while they are worsening their own workplace.

Everything starts very unusual, but the night changes everything, and waking up they discover that everything is in its proper place. They behave self-assuredly, but this does not last long; As soon as duties appear, the clown cap falls. They are ambiguous in their expressions, they consider others to be fools, but they themselves remain fools. They think of themselves as organizers, not noticing that they are puppets.

They are not easily accepted and defended by bitter humor, in which there is something touching humanly. They like talismans and believe in their reality, at least they pretend. They do not know whether they are respected for their ingenious ideas, or ridiculed, as they think about what will be relevant earlier tomorrow.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Rising ☆

Usually Aquarius — although materialists, but are impractical people. True, this does not apply to you. You care very much about the reliability of your position and are distinguished by some avarice. Nothing can undermine your health more than financial difficulties, and you stay up late at work, trying to manipulate your accounts and create a work plan that would ensure the greatest profit and help to fill your wallet. You immediately move from depression to ecstasy, from optimism to pessimism. The only consolation is that you definitely do not get bored with it.

You have a tenacious memory, and although you can forgive the offense, you will never forget it. You are ambitious, but a career for you is nothing more than a spectacular performance that you play, if at the same time you are experiencing financial difficulties. Crisis situations only inspire you, and if you made a decision, they are able to achieve almost impossible. Once you recover from a negative reaction to the situation, you start from where you left off. You can be closed in the presence of strangers, but in the company of close friends you are eloquent and resolute.

You have many brothers and sisters, of whom you are constantly busy. Between your relatives there may be secret hostility and rivalry. The father is likely to be either hostile towards you, or will cause obstacles, especially in connection with your marriage. As a child, you did not have good health, but with age, no doubt, get stronger.

Dark Side of the Sign

Money and property mean more to you than people, most of which, in your opinion, can always be bought. You are suspicious and confident that people in their actions are always guided by selfish motives. If you are right, this serves to justify your alienation from people and the instinct of acquisitiveness. Gradually you become a miserable hermit without a single friend in the whole world. But your cabinets are full of junk, the stash is full of money, and on the floor in the kitchen a whole battery of empty bottles lined up.

Love and Family

Although you can marry for the sake of money, it is more likely that you will be striving towards an alliance in which you can remain emotionally indifferent. You are very dependent on the partner and are looking for support in him to refresh the fading feelings and increase your self-esteem. Nevertheless, it would be useful for you to grasp the fact that emotional well-being for a person is more important than life, the meaning of which is the accumulation of wealth. Marriage is a heavy burden for you. You may remain a convinced bachelor or marry early and repeatedly. In any case, you are waiting for the fateful vicissitudes of love.

Your partner will also be an obstacle to the implementation of one of your most important ambitious aspirations. One of the spouses will provide you with a comfortable life. You will have several children, on which you will place high hopes. This desire should be limited, as it can cause many problems. Despite the fact that you are a practical and sensible person, this side of your life can turn into complete chaos if you do not observe extreme caution.

Career and Money

You are guided by the need for recognition, which could enhance your self-esteem. In most situations, you manifest yourself as a person organized and domineering, so you can get an excellent administrator. You also do a good job of working on finances, and you can become a successful collector. You are an ambitious but patient worker, ready to make a career step by step, not by taking off immediately, which is fraught with a deafening fall. You will achieve prosperity with the help of your talents, as well as with the support of friends and family. The game on the stock exchange can also help to fill the wallet. Relatives significantly help you and your partner.

Health and Immunity

You need to try to overcome the state of anxiety and dispel a gloomy mood. A good company and love could help a lot in this. You are threatened with dental problems, so you should visit the dentist regularly. You are prone to colds, and in adulthood — rheumatism of the knees and joints of the hands. You can also suffer from a neurosis responding to the condition of the stomach, colic; Take care of yourself while traveling. Your own melancholic fantasies often lead to hypochondria, but in general you can live to a very old age.

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