Sun in Aquarius — Rising in Gemini

People with the Sun in Aquarius and the Ascendant in Gemini surely promise more than they can fulfill. They are easily involved in all new; Like no other they know how to beat the drum of advertising. These are the so-called wizards of life who can give out a shoe polish for toothpaste and vice versa; While they sincerely want only good.

Aquarius with an ascendant in Gemini wants to reduce the social to the group; While they do not need to be in the first place, they want to be harbingers. They are always in cares, but not in one direction; They prefer to keep in mind several ways, at night to reject nine out of ten, choosing the right one through intuition.

Intuition makes them talkative, it is the source of their appeals, and every speech is an appeal. There is something foolish in their behavior; As mimes, they are especially good at wearing a mask and fooling others. They are always good at surprises, they can not expect logic from them.

They create a description and instructions for use for new machines. It seems that everything is in order, but when any screw is loosened and something does not go well, they reject all inventions and begin to promote a new one. They have spiritual interests; However, the old literature they read is not very willing, or from a completely new angle. They form slogans that quickly gain ground.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♊ Gemini Rising ☆

You are more changeable, active and have better adaptability than a typical Aquarius. Your head is full of ideas, and you just need a dedicated person who would pick up ideas that flow from you like a cornucopia, and put them into practice. Communication and acquisition of knowledge — for you the main values in life, so higher education will very much help you succeed in life.

You are a born adventurer and traveler. Like a chameleon, you merge with the environment and show a keen interest in the ways of life of different peoples. You will spend a lot of time abroad on work or marry a foreigner, and maybe you will emigrate.

You easily succumb to anxiety and irritation: you can flare up, but immediately apologize for your flash. There are many reasons for disputes in your family, it’s hard for you to get on with your father. You will probably inherit a house or land. If you are haunted by failure, look for their reasons in yourself.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are so multifaceted that you can not figure out who you are when you get up in the morning from bed, so think at least a second about your loved ones, who are very difficult for you to understand, as well as to find houses. You are absolutely unreliable and contradictory. Perforce, you undertake obligations and immediately forget about them. Something makes you believe that you can do what you want without taking into account the opinions of others. If you get carried away by someone, you are not afraid that this person can be married or have children, and you can ruin his life in a hurry. But at the first sign of a threat you are quite capable of making a fool of yourself without looking back to avoid the consequences of your actions, and sitting out at home — it’s a shame that you can not sit there all the time.

Love and Family

At least until the age of thirty, you enjoy more exciting love adventures than family life. Ideally, you need a partner in games, not a spouse. But if you still feel the need to settle down, then you will look for an intelligent person who will motivate you to action and will be able to share your multiple interests. Your luck depends largely on the opposite sex, but numerous love affairs can lead to the suffering of the child. You probably get married more than once and start two novels simultaneously, one of your lovers can be a foreigner, and for a while you will live abroad. With your inclination to complicate everything, it’s not surprising that you experience a lot of experiences related to people of the opposite sex. In love, it is more important for you to hunt for a partner than to achieve the goal.

Career and Money

You could make a good career in areas related to travel, law, foreign affairs, teaching or philosophy. You are alien to the spirit of corporatism, and although you do not harbor disgust for communicating with the powers that be, do not aspire to power yourself. Probably, there will be ups and downs in your life, but success is guaranteed to you. However, you should not be dispersed in your own interests, otherwise you risk failing — you can have two professions at the same time, but no more. Success will certainly come to you; But be careful not to destroy it with your own hands.

Health and Immunity

The mind is more important to you than the body, so you tend to ignore your physical needs. Many of your diseases are of nervous origin, since you are very excitable. You are also prone to gallbladder disease and poisoning. If you smoke, then you are threatened with lung diseases. Take care when traveling. Vitamins can bring invaluable benefits to your health.

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