Sun in Aquarius — Rising in Leo

The character of a person with the Sun in Aquarius and the Ascendant in Leo is somewhat ambivalent in nature, which creates both difficulties and good opportunities. They stand for everything new; They are the leaders of the reform movements; However, they easily allow themselves to be carried away, and often they are more attracted by presentability than the task itself.

It is generally difficult for them to find their true path, so great is the influx of new thoughts, insights, ideas. Aquarius with the Ascendant in Leo has a good instinct, and their deeds go well, but flair can refuse, and they fall into charlatanry; Then, feeling that their life is deceived, they try to deceive others.

They understand the need for change, feel that technology helps people to live, but often they do not own this knowledge, are scattered by ideas and leave development for later. They’re all suddenly, and they often change their minds. This becomes a problem, because they point out every point of view with majesty, thus turning out to be deceivers of the people.

They can enthusiastically preach a case, and a year later consider it a mistake. Without noticing this, they disprove themselves, so that in the life struggle they stagger from side to side, and in practice they often fail. They look at everything as if in a telescope, then exaggerating, then too distant and diminishing. But they are constantly on the road and constantly stimulate something, this is their dignity.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♌ Leo Rising ☆

This is a perfect combination of optimism, enthusiasm and a logical approach to life. You are generous, open and very confident, although this property can be taken for arrogance. You are also generous, friendly and love people, although you do not turn a blind eye to their shortcomings. You are indulgent about the mistakes of others and are endowed with the talent of being an excellent partner, so success often comes to you in the business world.

You have a clear and clear mind. You are quick-tempered, but you are pedantic and pampered, and carry all your endeavors to the end, regardless of any possible risk. The father has a huge impact on your situation in life. It is probably a source of controversy and complications.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a real know-it-all and give your advice right and left, even if they are not needed. Although you are too lazy to deal with problems yourself, you experience genuine pleasure from the sound of your own voice. Communication for you means: "I say, you listen." As for love, it goes without saying that you will not prove to be a loyal partner, monogamy is not for you. Your attitude towards people is determined by their ability to listen to the bare truth, and if they are not capable of it, then they, in your opinion, are just fools And completely deserve what they have. People consider it doubtful that a person who considers himself a truth-seeker, but who despises anyone who ventures to express his opinion sincerely, could claim to indicate how to live. The hypocrite is your middle name.

Love and Family

Your desire to have a partner often stems from a deep need to emphasize your "I" against the background of another. The main idea is that your spouse should provide you with a desired audience before which you could play the drama of your life; You need someone who will strengthen you in your idealized view of yourself. Since you are very proud, love relationships can not be formed the way you would like. It may happen that you marry twice, and in both marriages there will be children. You usually have many children, and there are some problems with the elder. Perhaps you will have twins, especially if your spouse is Aquarius. When children grow up, disagreements will arise between them. It does not matter which direction your ambitious aspirations will take, but they will certainly lead you to success.

Career and Money

Success is inevitable. You take every opportunity to occupy a leading position, and although you are not very suitable for managing companies belonging to others, you will perfectly prove yourself at the head of your own firm. Other areas of possible success for you are professional partnership and work as an agent or manager. You are attracted by public service, you also love theater. Well-being will be achieved by hard work, wealthy relatives will help you. Possible losses due to family problems. Your career will be successful, and you will have to travel a lot on business. You will have many friends from the artistic environment.

Health and Immunity

It is important for you to learn how to relax, but no one can ever make you lower the pace of life. Vulnerable organs are the heart, back and circulatory system. You are prone to rheumatism. Your intolerance to human vices can greatly contribute to the deterioration of your health. So try not to take them to heart.

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