Sun in Aquarius — Rising in Libra

A person with the Sun in Aquarius and the Ascendant in Libra has a spiritually sociable character. They have the gift to feel new currents and feel them to spread them. Many of their aspirations are excessive; But let others think about reality; They should strive for flight, even if nothing came of it.

In doing so, they develop in themselves a few satirical kind of humor, frightening people. Aquarius with an Ascendant in Libra can be so beautifully imitated that even serious philosophers feel fools. Their life goals are involuntarily unclear, because they believe that the world can not remain as it is, it goes on into the next century! And new illusions are born.

Having fattened three cats during the holidays in Africa, they look at the world differently; But when they leave, the cats have to kill, because otherwise they will starve. They are located to a partnership, but do not readily enter into contact - the documents do not correspond to their humanity. They are looking for friends who are also attuned to sociality, but they are characterized by some snobbery.

So in everything: they shun others to be noticeable. Or they become thoughtful clowns, who connect with laughter, without missing a serious one. They feel somewhat alien, but they stylize it in a way that they are worth their weight in gold.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♎ Libra Rising ☆

This combination of signs gives a person a tendency to scientific activity, but also a great artistry. Both of these qualities can be well combined with each other, if you have the talent in some kind of art, where the technique of performance is important, for example, in graphics. You are inclined to engage in sports that do not require heavy loads.

Social life, love, children and animals are the circle of interests that are of the greatest importance to you. You also have a good sense of humor, and you like to enjoy all the benefits that life can offer, especially food and drink. You need a peaceful and harmonious environment and in most situations you are flexible. You avoid open collisions and anything that can cause trouble.

You are very sensitive to your circle of communication, which should be pleasant and harmonious people. You are a man more of an intellectual warehouse than a physical one, and your energy manifests itself in gusts. When you have the strength and the appropriate mood, you can do more in one day than others in a week, and sometimes you fall into a real lethargy. You are prone to mood swings and although you are easily aroused, it is just as easy and calming down.

You usually have many brothers or sisters, or they become many after you marry a person from a large family. With relatives there are often disputes, and the case can even reach the trial. Your father, apparently, is for you a source of loss or misfortune. He may not be very lucky in professional terms. In your life there are limitations, which is caused by it.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are hopelessly devoted to tranquility (laziness) and the desire to spend time pleasantly (drunkenness and gluttony). You are not able to give up anything, which leads to sexual perversion, alcoholism and drugs. The atmosphere that envelopes your love life, recalls the atmosphere in the doss house, when it is packed with a lot of people. You can not resist the opposite sex, and as long as you crave to win hearts, it will not be particularly difficult for you. All that requires even the slightest effort, leaves you completely indifferent. You hardly have the strength to harm others, but you will destroy yourself for sure.

Love and Family

You can be much more in love with your idea of love than in a real person. Whenever you kiss another lover, you want to hear a bell ringing in your ears, and the stars shine above your head. I’m afraid that as soon as this picture begins to fade in your imagination, you throw a fan and rush to find a new hobby that will warm up your imagination. It’s not surprising that your family life is threatened by problems and divorce. One of your marriage partners will be a very wealthy person, and you will receive an unexpected inheritance from his relatives. You will have few children, but they will be lucky and bring you satisfaction. For a person born under this combination of signs, children usually become the best support in old age.

Career and Money

Children, speculative deals and animals — these are the three areas where you can succeed. Your ingenious mind manifests itself in abilities in the field of construction and design, and in general you are inclined to engage in art and business. Many people born under this combination of signs become wine-makers, chemists, surgeons or sailors. You will succeed in any field where the main element is liquid. Your work, apparently, will be connected with people and entail a frequent change of residence and long trips. You are threatened by the instability and vicissitudes of fate, so try to put some money aside for a rainy day.

Health and Immunity

Try to stay calm in any situation, and you will significantly increase your chances of living a long life. But you — a man of extremes, one week indulge in gluttony, the other — sit on a strict diet. You should especially take care of the condition of your kidneys and liver. You are prone to diseases that affect your feet, and intestinal disorders.

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