Sun in Aquarius — Rising in Pisces

The person with the Sun in Aquarius and the ascendant in Pisces has an eccentric character, but the whole instinct, inspiration and intuition. Thin-sensual, full of premonitions, they look to the surrounding. It is very early here that the most important direction turns out to be: either they lead people to true humanity, or show them how inferior they are.

Some of them can base sects, others say that a person is mostly made up of water, and that the cost of chemicals from which it is made is about 13 marks. Here, extremes meet, ideals either rise or trample in the mud. There are fluctuations. Who does not possess, thanks to its own level or thanks to the environment. With sufficient firmness, he staggers around the world back and forth.

Striking talent here can be found next to unrestrained boasting. Reality is never really perceived, they either rise or fall into the abyss. Aquarius with an ascendant in Pisces is almost never evaluated fairly, there is no need to expect an accurate report from them, and they also do not want to listen to their own judgments about themselves.

Already at school they avoid examinations; They meet life tests unprepared, but intuitively they plunder, in what they can come to the aid of many mysterious forces. They dream with their eyes open, but suddenly they are kindled by some idea, and they float to the surface. They advocate a bold project, which no one considers feasible; While they can be both batteries and spark ignition. Many of them are exceptions and go down in history.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♓ Pisces Rising ☆

A person born under this combination of signs has a developed intuition, rich imagination and secrecy. In most astrological books, it will be difficult for you to find a description of your personality that corresponds to reality, since softness, artistry, romanticism and impressionability are qualities hardly characteristic of a typical Aquarius. But they are certainly present in you.

Sometimes logic comes to your aid, but you achieve the greatest success when your decisions are based on intuition. You are shy, modest and restrained, although you feel more comfortable and relaxed, being in the company of those who know you well. You have a living imagination that requires a constructive exit in the profession or in your personal life, otherwise you feel uncomfortable.

You often seem indecisive, although in fact you are simply wasting time to make sure that you made the right decision. You do not like making mistakes. You agree with people just to please them, and then do it your own way. Your parents are not particularly fortunate, and you can move away from one of them. Probably, your mother will marry more than once.

Dark Side of the Sign

You constantly take someone’s images. One of your favorites is the image of a disappointed artist who sacrifices himself to art, although in reality you do not possess a drop of artistic talent. You imagine yourself a highly educated person and you are a real punishment for your loved ones. You are offended by such mundane matters as work, and you have the enviable talent not to notice the ever-increasing accounts that come to your address. But this is only so long as nothing threatens your source of funds for drinking, without which you can not do without, as there is simply no better way to escape from reality. You are an incorrigible romantic, and your personal life is a disaster. You want to maintain a relationship only at the highest level, and since you can not hold out for such a long time at such a level, you are constantly getting rid of your old attachments and making new acquaintances.

Love and Family

You are an impractical idealist who has devoted himself to the art of love. When your love affairs get frustrated, you are shielded from the whole world, wrapped in a blanket and indulge in self-regret. In this behavior there is something masochistic, since you, possessing a rich imagination and impressionability, are capable of simply torturing yourself with the wildest fantasies. Probably, you will marry more than once and will experience a lot of grief in your family life. Your spouse may have big problems, and his relatives will adversely affect your marriage. But you will have beautiful children, and their complete change of life will develop successfully. They will travel a lot. In this respect, life promises you everything, anything, but not boredom.

Career and Money

Your restlessness can make you do art or secret science. Writing or acting will help find a worthy expression of your inclination to get away from life’s problems and rich imagination. Grandiose opportunities promise work in the cinema. You are active by nature, you have many interests that you successfully implement. You will achieve a good financial situation by your efforts, as well as with the help of relatives or thanks to travel. You are capable of much, and if you are a calm person by nature, you can achieve success by working behind the scenes, for example, doing research.

Health and Immunity

Negative emotions lead to depression and represent the greatest threat to your health. When you feel bad, you prefer to walk away from difficulties, rather than face them, and can even drink. You need to eat very well, often visit the sun and exercise regularly. You are prone to foot and ankle injuries, colic, eye diseases and accidents as a result of careless handling of sharp or hot objects. Women born under this combination of signs may have kidney problems leading to menstrual irregularities. In your case, a healthy spirit is a healthy body.

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