Sun in Aquarius — Rising in Sagittarius

The character of the person with the Sun in Aquarius and the Ascendant in Sagittarius always wants more than it achieves. This is due to the difficulty of concentration. They are often and easily distracted. At the same time, they seem like great favorites, and many of them are brilliant. The people overload them, expecting too much from them.

Are not they gifted with originality, unusualness, versatility? Aquarius with an ascendant in Sagittarius always find teachers who promote them; But they always want just the favorite teachers to play and make fun of them, often even evil.

These are the Eulenspiegels, the jesters of the society, who are not thinking up the last joke, and get it by the nose. They have a mysterious premonition of the approaching, however, when describing, they turn it into a legend, so they do not recognize the new when it happens. They should also not allow themselves to be dismissed in everything that concerns the body and clothing. Printing the identity of many of them early corrupts.

Those who were fortunate enough to grow up in misfortune become milestones. True, they seek illusions, but in their pursuit they perform miracles and turn their illusions into masterpieces. They are wizards, magicians who start like missiles, but land in time, and at the same time they extract all the useful knowledge. Meeting with these rare geniuses is a task and joy.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Rising ☆

It is difficult to find a more independent and independent person than you. You adore traveling and take every opportunity to take off and go on a trip, no matter how long it will be or not. You are extremely active and you should try to organize yourself in some way to avoid the endless running around in a circle.

Communication plays a big role in your life, and nothing can give you more pleasure than a heated discussion. You rarely argue, and if you do, then, maybe, just for the sake of experiencing a little emotional excitement. Your other characteristics are honesty, generosity and a developed sense of justice. You are always ready to fight on the losing side. In other cases, you enter the fight only when you are forced to defend yourself.

Youth is not the happiest period of your life, the reason for which is bad luck chasing your parents, or a change in their relationship. This combination of signs gives several brothers or sisters with whom you are very friendly. There is some kind of family secret connected with your parents, perhaps with your father or the father of the spouse. This in some way could lead to limitations that you find difficult to transfer.

Dark Side of the Sign

You so strive to be rational and logical, that completely ignore feelings and everyday problems. Strictly speaking, you are a windbag, the one who has an answer for any question. It would be nice if you also understood what you are talking about, but you have no idea about it. Nevertheless, this does not prevent you from developing your theory. You can rant for hours, without being embarrassed by the fact that the eyes of others around the end glass, they try to suppress yawn, and their apologies for the fact that they are forced to leave you, sound unconvincing. You, of course, are not a completely lost person, but a terrible bore.

Love and Family

In love, you show the qualities of a pioneer and adventurer. In combination with the philosophy of freedom that you profess, it can cause you to enter into numerous connections. When you are going to get married, you are looking for a partner who would love entertainment, as a happy marriage means a strong friendship for you, in which the partners do not close their homes and are always ready to withdraw. You should feel free enough to go on a rush, go for a walk, without fear of returning to see the angry face of a jealous wife.

You will undoubtedly have more than one marriage or a long relationship, one of which will greatly affect your position in life. You will have few children, and between you there will be no special affection. Perhaps even an extreme situation, when you somehow move away from your children or from one of them. Other people constantly interfere with your family life. Although you are against any disagreement, you will act wisely, if you put an end to it immediately.

Career and Money

Achievements and success are important to you only on condition that you will be able to maintain freedom of action and the right to dispose of yourself at your discretion. Soulful peace means more to you than any money. You can choose the career of a travel agent, philosopher, sportsman, writer or seller. There are also opportunities for success in the field of transport, communications and the media. In your youth your life will not be easy, but luck will certainly come to you in mature years. You probably will have two professions. You will achieve success through personal efforts, although you can get an inheritance. Career for you is just a means to occupy yourself.

Health and Immunity

What other people consider a healthy way of life, you see as a welcome rest. Therefore, you are usually a healthy person and can live to a very old age. Nevertheless, some organs need to pay special attention: these are the ears, throat and bronchi. In the elderly, you are prone to rheumatism, varicose veins and swelling of the legs.

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