Sun in Aquarius — Rising in Scorpio

The character of a man with the Sun in Aquarius and an ascendant in Scorpio is full of a thirst for activity, but is in doubt: should one work and fight only for himself, or for society? They feel that a change in the world must be done by everyone, but they do not want to identify themselves with others. This makes them in the basic setup not entirely trustworthy.

Aquarius with an ascendant in Scorpio for a long time fluctuate in life until they find a stable point, and even when they find it, everything can change overnight. They propagate their ideals very infectiously, they are excellent propagandists; But they promise too much, because they rely too much on themselves. They dream of a new world and fight for it until it gets to the point.

When it turns out that their dreams have not come true, they climb the barricades and are ready to take everything down, because they are not able to bear that their dreams did not come true. The old annoys them, they are always in the struggle with tradition. Theoretically, they all seem to be right, practice does not interest them, they argue, and not without reason that in order to move forward, one must doubt everything that has long existed.

If they hold the view that in the future the movement will be only underground, they dig through the whole earth, not caring if anything can grow on it. They are called a "shifted world," but they take it quite seriously. Their humor is aggressive, up to arrogance, they themselves take jokes over themselves with difficulty, this they learn only with age.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Rising ☆

Unlike a typical Aquarius, you are a strong man, passionate and jealous. You are a fighter, always throwing yourself into a fight that does not always end with your victory. You have a strong will, and you are determined to fight to the end. You have a very developed tendency to criticize, and you are happy to refute the theories and views of others. You have an insatiable thirst for disclosing secrets, including how these or other things are arranged and why they work. Your likes and dislikes are sharply expressed, and you always stand guard over your interests. In discussions and rhetoric you can find a beautiful expression to your picky disposition.

You are very attached to parents and family and you can become a true homebody if your parents do not specifically encourage you to look for friends outside the family circle. You will have several brothers and sisters, but you can also be the only child in the family. If you have brothers or sisters, they probably will not be very lucky in life. Your father treats you well, but luck sometimes turns away from him. You have many friends in the artistic world and among people who have weight in the society.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a hypocrite. You demand absolute freedom for yourself, but treat your relatives as your property. You are incredibly self-confident and constantly impose your opinions on others. It seems to you that those who listen to you should admire and gladly swallow the pearls of wisdom that you utter. In turn, the ideas and thoughts of others are dismissed by you as something insignificant, not worthy of anything or completely stupid. It is unlikely that you have at least one friend, since who could get along with you, not compelled by necessity?

Love and Family

In normal situations, you are sober and practical. But when it comes to marriage, here your expectations and needs go across all reasonable boundaries. You see marriage as the basis for the exploitation of your spouse at a household level, and this can force you to make such a choice, which you will later regret. It is likely that you will be married twice. In love, you will have to endure rivalry and complications. A person born under this combination of signs is very prolific, you can even have twins. Your children will marry early, and you will experience some secret regrets in connection with them. Interest in love and sex awakens in your early and persists until old age. You can have in your life a lot of secret love relationships and related intrigues.

Career and Money

You are ambitious and your ego demands success, not only for the sake of achieving material prosperity, but for the sake of universal recognition. With your ability to criticize, you could succeed in occult sciences, chemistry, philosophy and even the police. You are attracted to the marine business and work in the government. In your youth, your life will not be very easy, and financial affairs are unstable. Mature years will bring you prosperity. You will be able to receive material benefits through business abroad, property, marriage, and also with the help of relatives, both your own and your spouse. You will probably have two different sources of income and two professions. Well-being will come to you, so never give up.

Health and Immunity

Your tendency to overload yourself with both work and pleasure can lead to illness. Especially dangerous for you can be abuse of alcohol, as it cloud your emotions and you lose control over yourself. You are also prone to gallbladder disease, poisoning and trauma to the head, right arm and eyes. Use caution when handling sharp or hot objects.

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