Sun in Aquarius — Rising in Taurus

People with the Sun in Aquarius and the Ascendant in Taurus often appear in life by pretty gnomes, or clowns — with greater or lesser depth. They are always seductive, attractive, very eccentric, have a rare exotic charm, impersonate outsiders, and entice so many respectable citizens onto a slippery path.

It seems to them that life should give pleasure, Aquarius with an ascendant in Taurus all the time waiting for it not to be boring, all the time trying to discover something new. Over the obstacles they laugh, however, in serious cases they rather try to get around them, rather than overcome them. Expressions of their feelings should not be taken too seriously, as they often change.

More important for them are the issues of humanity; They are willingly involved in social problems, giving them all emotionality. If they see poverty, they seek to help; It seems to them that they themselves are in danger, — of course, undeservedly! Their jokes are sometimes so rude that they hurt, although they do not want it. Feeling proud of outsiders, they can snatch their partner out of his family ties, and then leave him with nothing.

This creates a reputation for people who can not be trusted; But they are also for themselves, although they are striving for a certain standard of living that would appeal. However, they are looking for adventure and are ready to plunge into them with their heads. The surrounding people forgive them for many eccentricities, but do not take them too seriously.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♉ Taurus Rising ☆

You are determined, energetic and ambitious. Choosing a way in life, you will not turn off from it, and therefore will achieve success at least in the profession. However, you could succeed in your personal life if you paid more attention to your relatives who want to visit you more often. You belong proprietary to both people and ideas.

Although you may not spend a lot of time with those who care about, but still insist that they are nearby in anticipation of your will. Otherwise, a big trouble can happen. You have a lot of self-control, but if you are going to separate, you will disperse. No wonder people respect you — mostly out of fear. You persistently and persistently stick to your opinions, and any changes make you nervous. If possible, you try to make every effort to ensure stability in your life.

The Ascendant in Taurus gives good parents, especially the father. He may well be a man of weight in his field of activity. The source of most of the problems that you experience in life are yourself, and their reason can be your inclination to work too much and selflessly indulge in pleasures.

Dark Side of the Sign

Fortunately, you are lucky, because you can not tolerate failure. You strive for your life goal, not paying attention to anything else. Sometimes this approach to life justifies itself, but if not, the crash of your fall will be heard for miles in the neighborhood. In the same manner, you also come to a romantic relationship, forcing your lover to flee at your approach. Flexibility and adaptability — not the strongest of your sides, under pressure you do not get angry, but you break.

Love and Family

In love, you are a materialist: sensual and pragmatic. When you are not in love, you feel lost. But it’s hard for you to express your deep feelings, mainly because of the fear of being rejected, it can even become an obsession. You insist on placing all the dots over i, and you can not tolerate uncertainty. Be prudent, since after your marriage, ill-wishers can try to make a split in your happy family life. You may have problems related to the spouse, because of which you will live rather closedly. Your children will need special care before they are born and during the first two years of life. But they will become for you a source of moral and material satisfaction and become famous in the field of education and art.

Career and Money

You are fond of history and work on earth. You have many talents, you are resourceful and practical, you are attentive to every detail and can create your own business. You are successfully coping with work that others consider boring and tedious. You are a real workaholic. You are very ambitious and, of course, you will succeed, although you can hardly avoid losses caused by court cases, unemployment or love relationships outside of marriage. But suddenly luck will fall on you, and someone’s devoted love will bring you good. In your youth, your situation may be unstable, but after studying literature, art and teaching, and also making successful acquaintances, you will reach heights in adulthood. Influential friends will always help you in a difficult moment.

Health and Immunity

You are distinguished by a strong physique and endurance and rarely are sick. If you eat right and exercise, your chances of living a long and happy life will increase significantly. Excess weight can cause varicose veins and heart disease. You may be disturbed by the liver, kidneys, diabetes is not excluded. You have a very sensitive throat and often have tonsillitis, especially when you are in a state of tension or overtired.

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