Sun in Aquarius — Rising in Virgo

The character of a man with the Sun in Aquarius and the Ascendant in Virgo seeks meaning in life. They understand the need for changes in the world, but their duties are able to perform only the traditional image. They are striving for social justice, which greatly irritates them.

They seem very spiritual and intellectual, but somewhat cold, not to say — insensitive. They usually have a good grasp of their feelings, and they believe that it should be so, for only the intellect distinguishes us from animals. By stealth, they allow themselves the pleasure of fooling others: starting an intelligent conversation, they suddenly bring seriousness to the point of absurdity. But they are very thinning about progress.

Aquarius with an ascendant in Virgo aspire to emancipation, believing that everyone should be independent. They would like to divide society into soloists, and then start a new society of singles. So they chase after illusions, scatter, it is often difficult to get daily bread, or they consider their work as terrible.

For them, everything is too regulated; The red light of the traffic sign can infuriate them. However, much and original, other glimpses can even be brilliant. They can, at the moment, revive the sad reality — but not change, for that they are too fickle. Their life is always full of exciting and startling moments, although at first they are almost a philistine.

♒ Aquarius Sun ☉♍ Virgo Rising ☆

Virgo rising, no doubt, gives your sublime nature some earthiness. For you, dreams are meaningless if they do not have a chance to become a reality. You are prone to criticism, but your attempts to persist in it do not always end well. At any moment you are ready to come to the aid of people and support with your authority any initiative that, in your opinion, deserves it. You will be doing a lot of charity. You have a tendency to study science, study nutrition and hygiene. Although you are a more flexible person than a typical Aquarius, you are also inclined to get upset over trifles. It is important for you to maintain a sense of proportion.

You have a cold, clear mind and a developed sense of justice, but you can feel alienated from other people. You become a wonderful friend, but also a dangerous enemy. Relatives and neighbors treat you quite cool, and there is not much sympathy between members of your family. You may be burdened with some kind of family secret, your father could be married twice or have a love affair on the side.

Dark Side of the Sign

Health problems can become your obsession, and you often suffer from a loss of appetite on your nerves. The family doctor does not know what to do with you, since you visit him for the slightest reason, for example, because you have hiccups or you want to be aware of the latest achievements of medicine. But if the doctor, without showing signs of irritation, writes out a harmless medicine for your comfort, you leave him satisfied. Your loved ones, probably, will not remember those times when you were healthy. It’s not surprising that you do not differ in social activity, and people avoid inviting you to visit, because your favorite topic for conversation is your various hypochondriac fantasies.

Love and Family

You are often a slave to your habits, and it is difficult for you to give up some of them for the sake of happiness in your family life. If your partner turns out to be wrong to you, you will be bitterly worried, since even the thought that you can be rejected is intolerable to you. Probably disappointments in love. You can marry twice or have a love relationship secretly from your spouse. In matrimony there will be a lot of problems, and your love affairs will cause someone’s persistent hatred towards you, as a result of which the child will suffer. You will have few children that you will find difficult to educate. They will not marry early or with willingness. The firstborn will require special care and attention.

Career and Money

You delve into the smallest details of any work and can do everything from jurisprudence to administration. You can make a good career in the service sector, and you will have a good nanny, a doctor, a social worker, a secretary or an accountant. Your love of animals may suggest that you will be attracted to the profession of a veterinarian. As a result of hard work, especially in youth, you will gain some material prosperity. In mature years, fortune will finally turn to face you. You can become a successful businessman or a banker, although you tend to be too interested in speculation. You can achieve financial success abroad.

Health and Immunity

You are a fanatic of a healthy lifestyle and are distinguished for impeccable health. But your propensity to worry can lead to all the resulting diseases. In the end, you can become prone to colic, diarrhea, decay, eczema and allergies.

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