Sun in Aries — Moon in Aries

The combination of Aries Sun sign and Aries Moon sign produces in you a truly explosive personality: dynamic, hard hitting, powerful, and magnetic. Every idea put forth in the reading of your Sun sign is intensified by the Aries Moon. Independence and self-confidence may be so intensified that they become a stumbling block in personal relationships, if they are not somewhat tamed. You are an individualist first, last, and always. You are extremely impatient with people, sometimes to the extent of being intolerant.

People may view you as hardboiled because of a tendency for you to be too matter-of-fact. You do express yourself readily and forcefully, with considerable dramatic effect. It’s painfully difficult for you to listen to and understand the woes of others. Yet you can be demanding of the attention of those around you on those rare occasions when you disclose your personal problems. You are not an intellectual person, and you may not have even taken the time to get a good education.

In fact, well-educated and intellectually pretentious folks are among those you find the most boring and uninteresting. You are not impressed with abstract thoughts and ideas, only actions and accomplishments. This is not to say you don’t use your mind. Your mind is always active: reading, talking, discussing. When it comes to getting things done and done rapidly, your talents can fill the bill. This position provides exceptional leadership traits, but a need to develop qualities of tact and consideration for the feeling of others can impede progress.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♈ Aries Moon ☽

A bright fresh charm attracts others to you, as does your love of life. On the other hand, your insensitive nature can keep people from getting too close. Making time to listen to your friends’ problems or to help them with advice is difficult for you. There is some selfishness and acting without reflection on the part of the Aries-Aries combination. This is coupled with impatience; all of which is left over from childhood. A store of energy that cannot be depleted drives them. A full life of experience is what you strive for, and you hold that there is nothing that can replace this.

Like a daredevil, there is a foolhardy and recklessness in your character. Essentially it is a challenge that is wanted, whether on the job, in love or just life itself. You need to listen more carefully to what others say because you are not infallible. Think things over prior to acting and do not be so impatient to do something. There is a tendency for Aries-Aries natives to forget things quickly and live in the present. Behaving like this can lead to the repetition of mistakes. There is no substitute for the best teacher and that is experience. You also need to find an outlet for all that store of energy.

In order to succeed in various parts of your life it is necessary to have physical activity of some sort. This is also significant for physical well-being. You need to work on being a bit more sensitive in your relationships with others, particularly your romantic partner. Their needs, desires and emotions are of importance for a good relationship. You have a fundamental selfishness under your passion and enthusiasm, as you seek out love. You are prone to see love as a sport and, in addition, you have a strong sex drive.

A closed and strict routine would certainly never permit happiness for you, because variation and challenges are what your inner motivation needs. A career that has a lot of responsibility and stiff competition brings out your best work, but you need to have something that does not enclose you in boredom and frustration. Positions of this nature could actually damage or destroy your sense of self. Working for progress and change brings out your pioneer spirit and you are the pathfinder in that regard.

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