Sun in Aries — Moon in Cancer

The combination of Aries Sun and Cancer Moon signs blends the determined and aggressive traits of Ram, with the sensitivity, sympathy, and intuition of crab. This pairing produces a unique quality that generally permits you to succeed in a variety of endeavors. Unlike many dynamic Aries types, you can "feel" out the other fellow before jumping to an immediate conclusion. The Cancer influence slows down a tendency merely to react with an aggressive response to any stimuli. You are apt to put more thought and understanding into your actions.

You have a knack for handling people because you know how to capture their imagination with your flair for dramatic appeals, and your seeming concern for their general welfare. This is not to say that you are a humanitarian by nature. In fact, like all Aries, you are somewhat self-centered in many ways. But talented enough, and sensitive enough, always to present yourself in a very convincing light. Though it is unintentional, at times you are damaging to others, or hurt them, without understanding that you are doing so.

Your social perceptions are so keen that you can rise very rapidly with much popular support. The ease with which you can lead is sometimes a wonder even to yourself. While you have much pride in your abilities, you may often find yourself a little inwardly unsure. You may question how you can gather the dash and excitement that permits you to express yourself so convincingly. It’s important that you remember not to take yourself too seriously and avoid excesses in dramatization.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♋ Cancer Moon ☽

This combination is something of a mismatch because the Aries part is restless, driven, and fearless, but the Cancer personality is careful, cautious and security driven; someone who is fluctuating and lacks in security. The result is an emotional side that wants to be careful and have a solid sense of security, but at the same time, an ego that wants excitement, challenge and risks. You are crafty and emotionally deep like a Cancer, but also have a fire driving you like an Aries.

Security in the areas of home, money and emotions are a very important part of you and something that will be in charge of a large portion of your life choices. This mismatch will result in some of the issues you face in life because your situation is practically impossible. After this split is dealt with, there are a lot of possibilities for the Aries-Cancer. Your total potential can be released if you set up a strong emotional foundation for yourself. The combination of a powerful and creative Cancer with an Aries, who is so dynamic, clever and aware, can not only overcome childhood issues, but also be very successful in life.

Be careful, however, with swift mood changes stemming from the highly sentimental and emotional person deep inside, mixing with the dictator part of your personality. An explosion is possible because you tend to stuff your anger down for a long period of time until you decide to release it. This is another one of the challenges you face in life. You need to refrain from being upset with your natural feeling of being courageous and certain about your talents.

Possibly your early home situation was not a happy one in some way or was even disrupted, bringing about a conflict with your Sun and Moon. Your childhood is almost certainly the source of this fixation with security and making it such a high priority. A home environment that is different from what you had in your youth is craved because you want to compensate for the situation you were in. You need to be cautious that you do not overdo things in this department and arrest your leadership skills and talents for being innovative.

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