Sun in Aries — Moon in Capricorn

The combination of Aries Sun and Capricorn Moon signs blend the attributes of the Ram and the Goat, equipping you well for the task of battering and climbing. This position gives natural talents for managing and directing as the driving force of Aries is tempered with the persistence and deliberate judgment of Capricorn. You have an inner drive for success that is rarely equaled. There are also very definite ideas about where you are going and how you are going to get there; and you’re not one to let anything stand in your way.

In many ways you are an opportunist who knows how to judge people, spot problem people, and problem situations, before they get the upper hand. You may not get to your goals as quickly as many fellow Aries, since avoiding the pitfalls and waiting for the chance that is really what you want. This is a strength that other Aries may not possess. Nonetheless, your drive is always hard, and fast, compared to normal standards. Though you are full of energy and determination, and you seem to waste very little of these on nonproductive activities.

You seem to know how to direct your efforts to get what you want. Being a very worldly person, fame and recognition are your top priorities or at least very near the top. You will give up a lot in a personal sense for success. You may make a good spouse, but marriage is not likely to be all important in your life, but rather an event. The career may be foolishly placed ahead of family. Your intellect is not unsound, but abstract knowledge or knowledge for its own sake, holds little appeal to you. Common sense seems much more valuable so far as you are concerned.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Moon ☽

For the most part, your desire for respect will be fulfilled because you have the necessary qualities to earn it. You possess the mental framework and are practical enough to balance your natural Aries’ zeal and desire to initiate things. Internally you are careful, calculating and detail oriented, and that goes together with your strong motivation. Work is important, but less out of duty than out of boundless ambition. Unfortunately, you can be merciless and opportunistic in your pursuit of a goal; so much so that cruelty is possible because often the end justifies the means for you.

The top items on your priority list are your financial goals and they can dominate you. Your desire is to be powerful and have a high position and this is your primary interest, even though you are a friendly and generally kind individual. These individuals can ride the road to success with you after they have acquired your friendship. By the same token, those who help you are not forgotten because you are a very loyal person. You can, however, be a serious opponent if you are challenged or menaced in any way. Perhaps because of personal reasons, you had to assume a lot of responsibility when you were quite young.

There was not much time for play, socializing and fun then, but it was good training for adulthood and the goals you seek. Your ambition in this regard might stem from this early responsibility. You are probably motivated to prove yourself again and again, in spite of your dynamic personality and decisive character, because of a deep-seated insecurity. Relentless anxiety or depression might be the result of this. More self-respect and acceptance could help you remember that being on top is not everything in life.

Management and administrative positions are probably your best areas for a career. As you move up the ladder of success, you will be challenged to be more understanding and tolerant of others. Activities such as reading and meditating are recommended. Seeing a wider picture of your world and noticing the emotional and academic side of things can help round out your character. Your personality is magnetic as well as dynamic, and other people respond to you as a mature and responsible individual. Respect from your colleagues is sure to come your way. In a strange twist, your manipulation of others to suit you is to their benefit.

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