Sun in Aries — Moon in Gemini

The combination of Aries Sun and Gemini Moon signs produces one of the most verbally active pairs in the Zodiac. You’re likely to dominate any conversation as your mind works fast and releases the information it has processed just as fast. You have to learn to keep things to yourself at least until you’ve made up your mind, which you don’t find easy to do. It is easier for you to make decisions by sitting down and talking things out rather than by closing yourself off, studying the issues and concentrating on the alternatives. Speaking before you think and jumping to conclusions can get you in deep trouble.

Success will come easier for you after you have learned, and practice, the art of secrecy, clearly thinking things through before you charge off. This shortcoming notwithstanding, you are likely to get far in the world because of your quick wit and good intentions. Your debate skills allow you to back lesser opponents into the corner with relative ease. Surprisingly, as quick as you act, you have an especially good knack for details. In business, your command of facts and figures gives you the semblance of the perfect executive. Nonetheless, you’re often guilty of a little oscillation and indecision stemming from too many superficial facts and too little depth of study.

Anyhow, fluency of mind is your primary attribute. Your style of getting bits and pieces of information and using them in a glib and effective way can take far. You may aspire to become an executive. However, the hard decision making necessary here may not be as natural for you as a spot in advertising, the literary world, or in other areas where your outstanding business acumen focused on anything dealing with the spoken or written word can be employed. You should try to overcome a certain superficiality with respect to both intellectual and emotional matters.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♊ Gemini Moon ☽

Your presence is always felt by others, partly because of your talkative nature, but also because of your movements, which are non-stop. If something comes into your mind, whether it is an idea, emotion or thought, you talk about it and sometimes very emphatically. Furthermore, you have an authority figure mentality and believe that you are always correct. The easily excited Gemini is tense and superior at communication, while Aries is speedy, driven, and flexible. A golden tongued, fast acting individual with tons of energy and motivation is the result.

You have a very strong sense of freedom about you and are a unique individual. Solutions as well as answers come easily for you and you have a steady mind. This tendency to communicate everything can tire you out as well as those around you. Another caution is that your sense of humor can be mean and direct sometimes. Others might very well think you are aggressive if you are not careful. Allow others their chance to speak and give up dominating a conversation. Relax, think a bit and refrain from being so self-directed and stubborn.

You are a very popular person in spite of all of this and the reason is your confidence and knowledge, which you wear on your sleeve. People cannot help but respect and look up to you. If you are ignored or unappreciated, that is about the only time that you will brood. This is one of the rare occasions where you will get exceptionally and memorably angry. Being edgy is one of your traits and as a result, you need to have meaningful places to release your strength and energy. You have a natural talent for grasping everything around you quickly.

An open minded and flexible partner is best for you, but you need to learn how to appreciate such a partner just as you do yourself. You need a partner who is tolerant and receptive to that constant flow of ideas. You do not miss anything in your environment. You let a fake person know immediately what you think because of your ability to spot them and your desire to communicate. On occasions you put people off because you do not beat around the bush. Keeping some things to yourself is something you need to do sometimes. Work is an excellent outlet for you, but the key is to stay busy and put your inventive, original talents to use. These talents are wide ranging and there is very little that you are not good at. The Aries-Gemini personality can be excellent at everything from science and engineering to investigative reporting and law.

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