Sun in Aries — Moon in Leo

The combination of Aries Sun and Leo Moon signs produces a personality that blends the Ram drive for success with the warmth, nobility, and balance of Lion. People respond to you naturally because of you are an interesting, active, adventurous, and exciting person. You pursue your ideals with great energy, excitement, a sense of adventure, and boundless enthusiasm. You love people and they respond to you in a very positive way to your magnetic personality.

Self-image is all important to you, and you have a natural faith in yourself and probably a total confidence in your abilities. You respect yourself to a high degree and see yourself as a natural born leader. You need to achieve to reinforce this wonderful sense of worth, and to maintain a rightful position of leadership and popularity. Success may come because you can come up with good ideas, but more often it is because those above you and those below you both like you a lot and are willing to listen and follow you.

You don’t hesitate to tell people that you "need" them, because in your open and honest way, you’re confident that they will respond to you and back your cause. You have a warm heart and an affectionate nature, because of a harmonious blending of individuality and personality; thinking and feeling are very much in tune. You have a talent for clear vision or for visualizing your goal or objective, concentrating on these goals and objectives, and attaining them.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♌ Leo Moon ☽

You are someone who needs attention and sometimes you go a bit overboard being dramatic in order to get it. You have a clear presence that gets you attention; however you still use your clothing and behavior to acquire it. A condescending attitude toward others is possible, but you laugh easily and are generous and this essentially compensates for that. You have a strong loyalty that makes up for your lofty persona and your intuition is generally reliable. That means that you generally know who to be loyal to and how to go about it.

One of the main features that you have is being yourself, which is very much an individual who marches to the beat of your own drummer. You have the courage of spirit to be real, to be creative, coupled with an ambition and assertiveness that makes you a unique individual. This results in a person who is the paradigm example of an Aries; one who strives to attain power as well as status along with creativity. Defensiveness and self-justification are foreign as far as your character is concerned, thanks to your inborn confidence deep within you.

Generally, you know that you are right and do not feel the need to justify your concepts or opinions. You are someone who attracts other people to you with your determined spirit and bold personality and this makes you a confident leader. As frequently as not, your inclinations are correct, but your judgment is sometimes a bit lacking. Professionally, you are best suited for any career in which your executive and creative strengths can be put to use. The creative strength can be combined with your innovation and decision making and bring you success. You must, however try to be less biased. A role that some associate with being for males is fine for you.

You should not be intimidated by your own assertiveness. When you are young this is especially true. It is very likely that you will seek a professional career. Self-deception is always a possibility for you, particularly relative to trusting others. Others do not always live up to your expectations and often this surprises you. Caution needs to be used to protect against immoral people who take advantage of your trust. Most often this is simply a matter of putting your antenna up and using you excellent intuition. You are somewhat fixed in your opinion in spite of the fact that you are a pathfinder in many ways. You seem to have fixed ideas and beliefs in your mind and often do not want to give them up.

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