Sun in Aries — Moon in Libra

The combination of Aries Sun and Libra Moon signs produces contradictions in your makeup because these signs are precisely opposite one another, a full 180 degrees apart. Aries is naturally independent; the Libra Moon is sometimes very dependent. Thus, there is a strong balancing element to this combination sugging an Aries Sun that is uncommonly open to outside influences. This is a difficult position presenting a problem between the emotional and mental nature.

You are ambitious and eager to please people, with the sort of personality that seems to reach out to others as if you are in need of reassurance and guidance. Your nature is highly individualized, yet you are just as highly dependent on support and sympathy. The contradiction in your nature is that you value your freedom intensely, and while it would appear that your need for support could even result in you being dominated by another, this is never likely to be the case.

You can ignore the feelings, opinions, and wishes of others when you get an idea in your head. The ability to concentrate on one thing for a prolonged period is very difficult for you. You can be daydreaming even when by all appearances you are hard at work. The dramatic side of your nature will always make it hard to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and remain totally practical. Much of the strong executive skills of the Aries Sun become modified by the artistitly balanced Libra Moon.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♎ Libra Moon ☽

You are the type of person who practically rejects reason and even good advice in favor of intuition and impulse. If romance or adventure comes your way, you may very well drop everything and pursue it. You have a three dimensional personality that attracts others because you are quite intelligent and have so much vitality. In many ways you are precisely the adventurer and pathfinder that you believe yourself to be. You are the type who actually does go out and discover what you want and are not one who just sits and dreams. It does not matter if others have discovered things before you, you want to make your own map and discover them for yourself because of your natural curiosity.

You probably have, as an Aries-Libra, a million projects going at the same time in order to placate your independent spirit. You are an extreme individualist and you want to find out about life and yourself - but on your own terms and in your own peculiar way. In that quest, you will leave no stone unturned. Sometimes you seem insensitive, but the fact is that you are not. It is simply a matter of you having difficulty cooperating with others sometimes because you prefer your own vision and your own way. A sedentary job sitting behind a desk is not for you because in spite of your intelligence, you usually have trouble concentrating.

Real accomplishment might be difficult because your determination can get you into trouble. Dissatisfaction can set in along with anxiety in spite of your desire for challenges. Aries-Libra people have an excellent sense of aesthetics and therefore something in the field of art, design or other visual art might be worthwhile for some. Such a vocation is practically perfect because it can satisfy your need for change, both in terms of art itself, but also your needs for travel and challenges.

You have difficulty focusing and this leads to an anxiety and restlessness, which make it hard for you to see things through. Consequently, responsibility can be an issue. Your wanderlust is a disguise for shying away from your responsibilities and even yourself. The solution is simple. Seek out an occupation that gives you the excitement and change you need. A careful and astute partner who keeps your impulses checked is best, but working alone is possible.

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