Sun in Aries — Moon in Pisces

The combination of Aries Sun and Pisces Moon signs produces a somewhat introverted, self-analyzing, soul-searcher; not at all the typical Aries. Though you may have great potential in many directions, you seem to always harbor doubts and underestimate yourself. Making everyday decisions can, at times, be a trying experience for you. Strangely, however, you have a very determined streak in your nature, a need to be independent.

You take things very personally, and impressions that come to you via your senses leave a very indelible mark on your mind. It’s hard for you to avoid being very moody and worrying entirely too much. Your natural demeanor denies this, as you give a great impression of forcefulness, but internally you are timid, a little afraid of the world, and even afraid and unsure of your opinions. Again, you don’t let the world see the shy person that you are. You dislike being imposed upon and you aren’t shy about letting others know this. You express yourself readily with a facile manner of speaking.

Bold as a lion on the outside, but meek as a lamb underneath. You have some difficulty concentrating, simply because you’re a little too much the dreamer. You’re not a very executive person and you aren’t well suited for business: decisions are just too hard to make. It may be best not to worry about such matters, and instead concentrate on more congenial endeavors such as art, music, or writing, any of which would appeal more to your creative nature.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♓ Pisces Moon ☽

A busy and aggressive adventurer is the personality of your Aries. On the Pisces side, there is almost a passive and timid character and a very sensitive individual. All of this makes it hard to actually be the dynamo that so many people think they see. Your challenges are sometimes met with fear because insecurity stops you. Fear often keeps you from confronting the challenges you encounter. The Aries-Pisces mixture results in emotional conflict combined with excellent creativity. Your spiritual journey from the Pisces side might lift your Aries such that great ideas can get a start.

Lack of certainty and a less than secure mindset can block the road to success and fulfillment. There are two extremely different natures in one being here. Due to childhood experiences, you get a deep sense of inferiority. This prevents your natural decisive nature from opening up because you do not perceive things clearly. It is critical for you to accept yourself. A careful self-examination will show your powers and talents. There is nothing lost in power with a sensitive individual. Do not succumb to self-doubt, but rather work to understand your anxieties.

You have a great sense of fantasy and imagination and this can be either good or bad depending on how it is put to use. In businesses involving speculation, you can employ your extremely sensitive skills of intuition and be successful. A single dream led publisher Hugh Hefner, an Aries-Pisces, to establish a worldwide dream as a reality. As for your sexual needs, your sensitivity and creativity are significant elements. You can be the master of your fate by rising above insecurity. Only after you have done so, will you conquer fear and become the master of your life.

You are a mirror for those around you and reflect back their general mood of things. This comes from your sensitive nature. Psychological support from friends and family is important so careful choices in who you spend your time with are important. Keep your lines of communication free; otherwise there is a chance of loneliness and isolation. Maintain a level of social activity. Keep in mind that you can successfully deal with things you see as weaknesses by discussing them. In terms of a career, possibilities are something in the creative fields of art, design, drama or even music.

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