Sun in Aries — Moon in Sagittarius

The combination of Aries Sun and Moon Sagittarius signs produces self-determination affecting the way you think, act, and speak. This is a position of dynamic ideals and popular appeal. You believe in your "truth" with complete confidence. This belief is perhaps not in the facts of reality, but more likely a philosophy of life and other large issue beliefs you hold dear. The natural tendency for Aries to be the pioneer, the fighter, the doer, and the initiator new concepts and ideas is not greatly modified by this combination.

Yet the Sagittarius Moon does impose a personal code of ethics and honor that may not always be present in the brash Aries native. In you, executive powers are strongly marked, taking the form of controlling others with ideas and principles. The proper path that should be followed is so clear to you that you are not one ever to mince words in plotting the course. Your intensely emotional approach to getting something accomplished can sometimes limit your awareness of the feeling of others and you can be tough on those around you.

The human frailties of pettiness, emotionalism, and jealousy are not well understood by you, and do not relate well with your totally open and frank personality. You are definitely a leader of men, though you may not always understand them, conversely, people may completely respect you, but fault you for a lack of sensitivity. In all types of dealings there is tendency to employ a broad brush approach often finding it difficult to come down to the real and personal everyday issues. You are a gambler who is unafraid of the risks involved - you know how to get things done with a broad brush stroke leaving the finishing details to others.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Moon ☽

You have a deep and real sense of loyalty and you automatically assume others are like that. Unfortunately, your good nature around this issue can get you in trouble, because of the existence of ill-intentioned individuals who take advantage of you. Consequently, be careful in trusting others without becoming cynical and losing that wonderful naïve persona that you radiate. You are acutely aware of your surroundings and, because of your curiosity, always have your eyes open for something new everywhere you go.

You do not want to miss out on anything. There is, however, superficiality about you relative to what you are interested in and your pursuits. In addition, your inability to focus for long means that you easily loses interest and move on to something new. The issue here is a lack of concentration. Here we have a Sagittarius, an idealistic person who loves philosophy and spiritual things, combined with the impulse driven and energetic Aries. You have a distinct innocent curiosity in your approach to everything, as well as a sincerity that is appealing.

You are so charming as to be almost irresistible and people are naturally drawn to you. What you need is a heavy dose of realism if you want to attain your dreams and those high goals you have established. Because you often drift from project to project, you might never find your purpose in life and you know intuitively that you have one. You might, if you are not careful, actually become a lifelong hippy as some Aries-Sagittarians do. The good news is that, that finding your purpose or mission in life results in a dedicated and focused individual and you are very capable of being that.

You can become a fantastic leader in the areas of management and creativity because of your intelligence combined with your winning personality. You always have the courage of your convictions. Excellent examples are Charles de Gaulle and Thomas Jefferson. Because of your contagious enthusiasm, you would also make an excellent educator and be very inspiring to your students. You are so good at this you even liven up boring topics. You are open about your feelings and do not repress them. This probably stems from your honesty. While some may see you as tactless, the fact is that you harbor no ill feelings toward people and are not a hypocrite.

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