Sun in Aries — Moon in Scorpio

The combination of Aries Sun and Scorpio Moon signs produces an individual who combines assertiveness with a strong drive to control, improve, and revolutionize. This is a somewhat difficult position because of the intensity of your feelings, and the only thing that you may be satisfied with, is you. You are a very competent person, and you recognize this as a fact. Even when things are not going well, you are never one to become discouraged or inclined to give up. You are always seeking a new mountain to climb or a new challenge to meet.

Change and revolution fascinate you, and you eagerly yearn to engage in any sort of competition or turmoil in which you can be a part. You may seem genial enough and have a pleasant, smiling face, but somehow others know that you are not one to be imposed upon or taken for granted. You are neither a materialist nor a humanitarian, but strive instead for recognition and admiration. The only reward you really seek is the personal satisfaction of seeing the job done right or the challenge met. In fact, to you, the work you do can be an end unto itself.

You can get things done on your own, and you are likewise inspiring to others. People find you magnetic and interesting. Though people are drawn to you, the converse is not always true, and you may have few close friends. Self-sufficiency and self-respect seem all that you need much of the time. You are so self-contained and capable that you may often fail to receive any reasonable degree of sympathy and concern from others when these might be called for. This is not a concern for you because, just as you are harsh and demanding on those with whom you deal, you are just as hard and uncompromising with yourself.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Moon ☽

Excitement and thrill are always a part of your life. You move ahead in the world because of great concentration and ambition. You love competition as a result. You are defiant and independent and at times this can be your undoing. Aggression is hard for you to restrain and you do not accept compromise well. Those who stand in your way get no sympathy and you have a drive for life that includes the entire spectrum of the spiritual, emotional and sensual. Mars rules both of these signs and according to mythology Mars also rules passion and war. The result is an aggressive person.

Regardless of what you do, fun generally involves a fight. This includes business, love and life itself. Doing something partway is not part of your character because you are an extremist in spirit and thought. The result when you fail is a complete tragedy and when you succeed a total victory. Advice should be listened to at times though, so the next time there is a disagreement, do not be so resistant and prepare for battle, but rather listen carefully. You might learn something. Others might have something helpful to say so compromise sometimes.

You are very creative and have an enormous amount of willpower, but you cannot really succeed until you learn to work in cooperation with other people. Constructive and positive outlets need to be found for your aggression so they can be channeled for success. Your concentration is good and you have an excellent intellect. You want to dig deep with your pursuits and are not happy just to get superficial impressions. There are Aries-Scorpio social activists, scientists and scholars. You have the power of self-rejuvenation as do all Moon in Scorpio people.

You may get in trouble at times or even fail, but you always have the ability to bounce back. You are a courageous and freedom loving person. Sports like swimming, jogging or tennis as well as creative endeavors like art can release anger better than getting upset with your spouse, co-worker or children. There is a pioneer inside you and great accomplishments are possible with your ambition and enthusiasm. Exploration of the world and seeking adventure when you are young are very likely. You can be very hard to control early in life though, so some professional training is a good idea. Great success later in life is attainable if you are guided properly.

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