Sun in Aries — Moon in Taurus

The combination of Aries Sun sign and Taurus Moon sign shows that you can combine forcefulness and enough tact to be effective as leader. For all the charm and dash of manner about you, there is a distinct layer of steely drive and determination. The aggressiveness and rough edges of Aries are softened and smoothed by the influence of Taurus. You can be an agreeable and polite person, with tactless behavior kept well in check. You have a curious way of appearing tactful even as you lay down the law and demand your way.

There’s a "sugar and spice" way of driving your point home, and winning. You have a powerful magnetic quality, coupled with a very strong will and determination for leadership. All Aries are natural leaders, but in this configuration, there is more stability and more of a solid base to the operation. You think highly of yourself, though you aren’t one to make a show of this. Yet a pervading sense of your abilities is the foundation of your life.

You’re never likely to suffer from an inferiority complex. You need to learn to rule without dominating and to adjust your desires to the happiness of those around you. Anyhow, regardless of your sex, you’re likely to be the dominate partner in your marital relationship, and you’ll try to control circumstances in nearly any situation you find yourself.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♉ Taurus Moon ☽

You have a golden voice and you choose your words and gracefully. This can help you with your career. You have a great ability to persuade people and this will assist you with your ambitions. There is a need for security in your design. You are dedicated to the work ethic. Pleasure is high on your list of priorities and this includes sensual and natural pursuits as well as comfort, food and other pleasures important to you. You have a sense for money. Good things will come your way because of your excellent skills in management.

This interest in material possessions is capable of getting out of hand and becoming all-powerful and consuming. Because you are fundamentally a kind person there is no hint of cruelty and ill-mannered behavior in you. Dedication is a part of your character though. It is this stubbornness, stemming from your Moon in Taurus that can get in your way. Your Aries Sun Sign is in tune and focused. You are an enthusiastic and energetic person. You even put out a feeling of confidence and calmness. You are different than other Aries because of your patience.

You are careful and have a lot of sense, and that will guarantee success even though you are not as energetic as others of your sign. Strong biases sometimes come to get in the way of your fundamental good sense. Being flexible and compromising relative to different viewpoints would be wise. Creativity needs freedom and that cannot be found in an environment of materialism. You need satisfaction in terms of your sensual side, but you are not inclined to experimentation. You want a stable relationship.

A problem with jealously might occur because of the inflexible approach you take to romance. You can hold your emotions inside without communicating, although communication is something you do well. You should learn to be freer with expression of your thoughts in general. There is a master artist or other creative outlet in a lot of Aries-Taurans. Being an artist or working in another creative area is a secret desire even though you are so good at business. Even if the result leads to a more satisfying and meaningful life, you would never start down an uncertain path that could put your security at risk. You should not fret and worry so much about finances because you will always have the security you want.

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