Sun in Aries — Moon in Virgo

The combination of Aries Sun and Virgo Moon signs shows that you are very cool emotionally. A fine critical nature seems to replace a good deal of the impetuosity often associated with Aries. You are likely to have a mind that is channeled into practical matters, and you have a "no nonsense" attitude about most issues. Efficiency is all important to you. You have a driving determination to get things done, and to get them done right. You are definitely an achiever, combining your cool-headed judgment and the energy to put your thoughts into action. You may be lacking in creativity and originality, but you readily absorb knowledge and put it to use in a very efficient way. You figure things out from every angle and never overlook the smallest detail. You’re hard to work for, because you’re so exacting. You can be very pointed in your manner of criticizing a half-finished job or work that in any way reveals unacceptable quality. You are potentially a very fine executive if you can keep from making too many enemies with your aggressive and critical nature. You’re not a romantic or a socially outgoing person, and you may even be something of a "lone wolf" type.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♍ Virgo Moon ☽

You are a thoughtful and precise person who resists mistakes. This makes you a bit of a perfectionist. Obtaining a complete knowledge of something comes about because of your attention to details. Your conservative perspective on life is not like most Aries. Rather it is the result of both reason and experience. There is a special calmness about you. This might be because of the interacting opposites in you; confidence comes from Aries and shyness comes from Virgo. You are not that impulsive and daring and, in general, you tend to be more careful than other Aries people.

The main reason for this is because your Virgo nature will restrain you a bit even though you have plenty of energy and are excited about many things in your life. Your fine intellect and great ability to analyze is usually the area of your occupation and that is where your directness and power generally are directed. You are torn between your basic shy personality and the part of you that wants to be daring and flashy. This often results in an irreconcilable conflict in your personality. Again, you are faced with the possibility of disappointment.

You can easily have a career as a doctor, lawyer or engineer because of your intelligence, attention to detail and concentration. Admired for their sincerity, Aries-Virgos usually discover true success through their occupation. Your lofty standards are something you try to live up to. Overdoing things in that department should be guarded carefully against. Furthermore, a caution is also in order because you are inclined to be a faultfinder in conjunction with work too. Problems come about when people disagree with your ideas because you think you are always right and the best informed.

More tolerance pertaining to other views and lifestyles is needed. Your mind, simply put, needs to be more open. You should not be so judgmental. You might be nervous, agitated and stressed out like a lot of people with a Moon in Virgo alignment. Problems at work will almost surely bring this out. You need to be careful to not take things out on those you love, who can be victims of these moods. The combination can make your Aries side feel let down and frustrated. The problem created here is that you need more self-acceptance and in order to move on.

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