Sun in Aries — Rising in Aquarius

The character of the person with the Sun in Aries and the ascendant in Aquarius jumps upwards. In fact, they tend to strive forward, but in the environment this force is manifested impulsive. Their fervor is great, so many of them are afraid. Their spontaneous explosions generate chain reactions that entice others. Having reached this they are at ease.

Later, they again begin to sink, but again jumped up, when no one expects it. They do not want to build distant plans, they rely on intuition, suddenly releasing force. Consistency also does not belong to their merits.

Aries with an ascendant in Aquarius are good for small dashes; In long runs they win difficult stages, but rarely come winners to the ultimate goal. They love a somewhat snobbish extravagance, which raises them above the masses, they are interested in the spiritual, they look in the distance; They are ready to photograph the sky with passion, hoping to be the first to discover UFOs or guests from outer space.

The past does not interest them: they quickly discard it, and almost forget the place where they were born. If there is no possibility for an explosion of forces, they are submissive, wait in ambush to later attack with an attack. They have many passionate desires and dreams, but they mostly revolve around their own personality. So they remain somewhat egocentrically oriented.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Rising ☆

Very idealistic combination of signs. Your dream is to help all mankind, and the resulting crusades leave little time for your personal life. In your determination to save the world, you can forget about your own family, and you should bring order to your life, so that it becomes good enough for everyone who has anything to do with it. You are sincere, honest, very humane and can be a wonderful friend. You are quick-tempered, but not rancorous. In general, you have a kind and gentle, energetic, optimistic and cheerful character.

Your strong unbending will push you to conquest, despite any obstacles. Your successes are usually the result of your dedication and personal merit. Financial success will not be very large, sudden changes are possible, mainly because of hidden enemies. You can get an inheritance or help from your family, although it may end badly.

You love travel, and in your life there will be many, sometimes on matters related to property, or for family matters, for example, relating to relatives abroad. You probably will have powerful friends and acquaintances among people who are in a good social position, but you yourself can be your worst enemy, especially when you are involved in the intrigues of other people. However, you can have many friends, and you will be able to win the respect of society.

Although you do not have dictatorial inclinations, you still love power, but do not want to use force to achieve your goals. You are smart and evasive and know how to achieve your without objections. You do not sit still, and only your best friends can hope that they will be able to see you at least once a year. You also will not be demanding of others, although you can be very close with your brother or sister and demand the same attention on their part. This is indeed a very unusual combination of signs.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a pseudo-intellectual and a poser. You will participate in demonstrations of protest, stand in pickets and make speeches on topics about which you have almost no idea. Your appearance is a way to attract attention. Frilly clothes and bizarre hairstyles — quite in your style — are becoming more and more original each time. You desperately strive to be eccentric, but in fact you do not have any original idea in your head. You are as cold as a fish. You can help another person, if this is seen by everyone, otherwise you will pass by the needy. Aries with Aquarius rising often experience mortal horror before a close relationship, because a person nearby can find that recognizing your essence is not so difficult. Usually most people immediately realize that you are a patty with nothing, and thus avoid heartache and disappointment.

Love and Family

Basically you do not need anyone, and you can live alone or with a spouse who travels a lot and with whom you will lead a separate life. You hate people who cling to you, and do not let them interfere in your personal life. You hate to report in your actions. You probably get married late and are not going to do it twice. Only when you are absolutely sure of another person, you can show a consistency in love that will last until old age, until you can enjoy yourself by depicting one of the spouses in an old loving married couple. If you marry, it is likely that your spouse will have good manners and come from a good family. Married life will be long and very happy.

Nevertheless, you are not looking for love. In life there are many interesting things. Only if love makes you suffer, you will understand what it is, and even then you will doubt your feelings, as well as in the feelings of your partner. But when you finally commit yourself, you will experience a sense of liberation and channel your enormous energy into another channel. It makes no sense to choose a sensitive Cancer or Pisces, since they need to occupy a dominant position in the life of a partner, and your employment can only cause them to feel abandoned.

Career and Money

You have some literary or artistic talent and usually are a zealous supporter of humanitarian and scientific research. Often this combination of signs gives a penchant for occult studies and secret methods of experimental research. You are a good polemicist and you love philosophy, music and drama. You will have to travel a lot on business related to your money and work. You can have more than one source of income, and your area of activity will be a shade of secrecy. You can be engaged in chemical, military or government research or even be a detective. Your active mind will lead you to success in the field of advertising, buying and selling, in the media, in work related to transport and communications — all this is very attractive to you.

Health and Immunity

You belong to the type of people who remain healthy for many years, and then suddenly fall ill with almost half a dozen different diseases at once. You hate to get sick and lose time while lying in bed, so it is necessary that there is someone close to you who will keep you from jumping up and running on business. You should be afraid of blood diseases, eczema, muscle spasms (especially calves), stomach aches, neuralgia of the facial nerve, as well as problems with your legs. First of all, it is necessary to monitor the blood circulation, which can be a consequence of malnutrition.

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