Sun in Aries — Rising in Aries

The character of a person with the Sun in Aries and the Ascendant in Aries has great courage with which he comes to the world. Life is perceived with great enthusiasm, even where others are frightenedly retreating. Being energetically tense, such people are belligerent and always ready for a complex battle and a major quarrel. On the stairs, they boldly jump through three steps.

Aries with an ascendant in Aries have a highly developed personality. They are self-centered, but not selfish in the material sense. A shade of fanaticism is possible, and always — willfulness. They can not be taught or persuaded, one can only wait for them to break their foreheads themselves.

Even if they fall into the pit, they will not look back, nor on the sides - only forward. They are sprinters who see their treadmill in front of them. They can overextend to exhaustion. In their idealism they are ready to give a head start, they do not look back at anything.

Peace is perceived as something close to death. They want to enthrall everything, if someone hesitates, they call him a coward, they will not offend a man for long. They often produce a stunning impression, although it does not last long. They feel pioneers, and are surprised that not everyone wants to follow their banners. This is the most outstanding, but also the most one-sided of all 144 types.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♈ Aries Rising ☆

You are a typical representative of the Aries sign. Such a person has huge energy resources, and people "fly" in different directions, like flies, when you make your way to any goal you set. You will succeed in life if you constructively use your unlimited enthusiasm. A pioneer and innovator, you want to have both your share of the action and your share of success. You are frank and sincere, but you can easily be fooled — although you are knowledgeable and resourceful, you know little about human nature.

You are certain in your opinions, although you tend to change them often. One of the problems of double Aries is that you are unlikely to have a large amount of patience or endurance. You can be full of ideas, but if the go gets too hard, you will probably change the direction. If you do not fight this trend, it can turn into a catastrophe for you. In addition, you easily forget past failures and make the same mistakes again and again.

Some people find you absolutely irresistible — it’s hard not to notice your warmth, charm and gambling. On the other hand, your quick temper is manifested in spectacular temperament explosions, which, however, quickly fade away, often causing you to regret first of all that you have lost control over yourself.

Just a few people are so self-confident as you, although you must be careful not to be too self-serving. Few of us can survive or achieve anything without paying due attention to other people. You like to travel and you can make many trips in your life. It seems that in your youth you were very unhappy: maybe your failures were related to the parents. But you are a fighter, and it takes a lot of effort to knock you off your feet.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are the type who must first get on the bus or train and first rush forward when the green traffic light comes on. You will push the old women away from their path and roar at the children walking along the pedestrian crossing and not letting you pass. In love, you are only interested in your own needs, you are sure that giving is for fools. With respect to finance, you will mindlessly exceed your credit. And if your dear mother offers you her rent, you will take it without a shadow of a doubt and spend it on some special pleasure, because you think you deserve it. You are sure that you deserve special treatment, and carefully hide your ignorance for arrogant behavior. Obviously, you never think that you can annoy someone.

Love and Family

Aries with an Aries rising falls in love dramatically, recklessly, ignoring common sense. You can marry early, quickly and repeatedly. But, like everything else, when problems begin, you are inclined to immediately escape from responsibility. Try to find in love its deep meaning, rather than treating it simply as a physical attraction and a means of satisfying your sexual desires.

Attitude towards a partner as an equal does not come easily, you need to feel like a big boss. Fortunately for you, your misdemeanors and weaknesses are often forgiven, albeit for a while. Your loved one can be amazed by your warmth, passionate nature and generosity. Problems begin when a close person understands that you blossom only in an atmosphere of drama and crises, but when it comes to practical cares, there’s nothing you want to know.

Career and Money

You can achieve in life of honor and success, but if these blessings come to you too early, you will not be able to keep them for long. So do not forget to postpone something for a rainy day. You could succeed in matters related to higher education, civil and military organizations, in the field of legislation, research, mining. You may prefer to work as a freelancer, without the constraints imposed by having a boss. Remember that you are a man of ideas, but the value of ideas is revealed in the process of their realization. Persistence and patience are character traits that you need to develop in order to fully reveal your potential.

Health and Immunity

Stress and tension can lead to headaches. In addition, many people born under this combination of signs are prone to injury — usually because of negligence or inattention. Injuries, if they occur, are likely to affect the face, head, arms and legs. You are a type of person who is either enviable healthy, or constantly sick. Finally, a certain danger to you is fire and hot objects, so be careful.

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