Sun in Aries — Rising in Cancer

The character of a person with the Sun in Aries and the ascendant in Cancer seems to the world to be changeable. They are looking for different ways to convey their inner aspirations to people. They are sensitive externally, and have considerable inner courage. To others, they seem capricious and selfish. Their egocentrism is really significant, although they are behind the seeming understanding of others.

But this understanding is subsequently used; Others think they are abused. It seems that they are so prudent and purposeful that they turn out to be real house tyrants. They seem labile, but in fact they are hard. They know what they want; But their fate is such that they can rarely achieve this in the outside world.

Aries with an ascendant in Cancer suffer greatly from this duality. If things go wrong, they demand that they be left alone, but if they are obeyed, they will never forgive it. They are also very touchy and believe that for all they have done they have to repay triple. Surrounding people are horrified by the kind of flash of fury that can cause in them some kind of trifle.

They suffer a heavy defeat, feeling their honor deeply hurt. They too identify themselves with the case in question. Business for them is always serious, even if it was a game. The game for them is only a means to achieving the goal. In the end, they still achieve their, often with the appearance of offended dignity.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♋ Cancer Rising ☆

By nature, you are a calm and reserved person, but you are characterized by quick temper and some impatience, sometimes you are very domineering and harsh. You are endowed with an active imagination — a person who is inspired by everything new. You easily adapt to people and circumstances and often learn the ideas and opinions of others. You are an independent and capable person, but you suffer because of your strong irritability, the origins of which lie in your exceptional sensitivity. Depending on the situation, you can be either brave or timid, usually indecisive at the time of physical danger, but bold in looks. Friends, especially women, will help and support you, even financially.

One of your biggest problems is that you are completely focused on your career, and you have almost no time for close people who constantly complain about your inattention to them. You should try to find a middle ground, because success and wealth are difficult to enjoy alone. Since the sign of Cancer is controlled by the Moon, you can expect frequent changes in the social situation, your luck is changeable, but many people with this Rising Sign manage to retain a certain share of the position and power. Cancer is a water sign, and Aries is a fire sign, when connected they form a lot of steam — people close to you call this phenomenon "hot air".

When it comes to important decisions, you need to develop common sense, because deciding on something too quickly, you often create problems for yourself. The kind and passionate Aries in you attracts others, and you will never lack friends. But you tend to be very demanding about other people, and when it turns out that they can not live up to your expectations, it seems to you that they reject you and act unfairly with you. Clearly, moderation is the key word that you must use to open your own path to success in life.

Dark Side of the Sign

As a child, you cling to your mother or father or both at once, and as a parent, you cling to your children. It’s not surprising that your offspring tend to leave you as soon as they become old enough. A real emotional blackmailer, you are always ready to remind people about what you did for them. What others consider a duty, you do in order to appear before all martyrs. On the one hand, you love telling everyone about how sensitive you are, and of course you can cry if someone upsets you, but on the other hand, you can be tactless and cruel.

You are sweet, which you will never admit, and swear that you eat like a bird, although your figure says the opposite. You like spending money on yourself, but if you spent it on someone else, you think that he should be grateful to you. You can not put up with a situation where you do not understand something, and to look in the eyes of other people with dignity, you should get rid of your claims to omniscience.

Love and Family

You demand love as something that belongs to you by right. If only your Aries side allowed you to give your loved one more time, you would be more romantic, because in your imagination you like to idealize relationships. Your moods are changeable, you are often comprehended by disappointments in love, but the need for friendship and affection will constantly force you to make new novels. Your combination of signs means that you overcome all obstacles in pursuit of your prey, but, having achieved the desired, again turn your attention to a career.

Aries with the Ascendant in Cancer is opposed to marriage, believing that it will be difficult for him to achieve happiness in him. Although children can bring cares and worries to your life, your older child should be lucky in the professions related to medicine, chemistry or military affairs. Your children can become your support in old age.

Career and Money

You are endowed with many talents, including dramatic, which is nevertheless often sacrificed to originality, and as a result, imitation of other people’s ideas is obtained. You will achieve a position in society through endless efforts, enterprise and courage, and it will be the subject of many conversations. Until the age of 35, your position in life will not be very stable. You could succeed in trade, service, being a small shop owner, in the hospitality industry, in growing vegetables for sale and in activities related to the sea, and in those areas where you need to understand the taste of the public subtly.

Health and Immunity

Beware of infections that affect the lungs and stomach, as well as rheumatism. There is a certain danger of injury from falling, since you can be quite clumsy. Being in a state of stress, you will undoubtedly experience headaches, but usually this combination of signs implies good health.

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