Sun in Aries — Rising in Capricorn

The character of a person with the Sun in Aries and the Ascendant in Capricorn refers to others with great seriousness. They know how to curb their impetuous essence of the rules and vigorously restructure. They are not easy to deal with; They want to move forward, and strive for it with patience and concentration, as for others. They are relatively easy to find inner balance and master methodical thinking.

Aries with an ascendant in Capricorn are always trying to analyze themselves, understand themselves and others, and constantly seek out the weaknesses of others. Finding them, they mercilessly hit them — there is nothing to be substituted. You might think that these are schemers, but this is too broad a generalization.

In the soul they constantly fluctuate between the desires to start action and waiting; If the level does not save, then it can put them in a ditch. They are people with whom you can be on good terms for years, but one day, having caught them in the eye at a bad moment and paying dearly for it: they are unpredictable, although as a rule they can be trusted.

It happens that they overestimate their strength, because the internal tension wipes out their substance. It is best if they are striving for a distant goal, which satisfies their inner desire to attract.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Rising ☆

You can be bossy and extremely self-confident, but if people bother to look under your mask of stiffness, they would find under it a sentimental and kindhearted nature. You are quite ambitious, persistent and persistent, very determined and capable of great efforts and numerous sacrifices. In their views on life, you hesitate from deep melancholy to excessive cheerfulness.

You never forget the offense you suffered one day and you can be cruel, vindictive and aggressive. Fortunately, in general, you are quite a seasoned person. You speak jerky, express yourself directly, but if necessary, you can be very eloquent. Shy in the presence of strangers, you are talkative and uninhibited among those you know well. You are prone to suspicion. You have a strong and enduring character, you are very courageous and ambitious, and these qualities often move you to great achievements. Aries with Capricorn rising are really happy with life. Your will is strong, although you can change the direction of your actions. The power of character will help you survive in all circumstances. You are a wonderful friend and a ruthless enemy.

You achieve prosperity with hard work and with the help of friends, but you can also succeed in playing on the stock exchange and entrepreneurship. The position of the Sun in your sign indicates that you will be attracted by the reliability that, for example, property ownership provides. One of your parents can show hostility towards you and cause trouble when you marry. Many of your desires are closely related to one of your children. You are very ambitious towards your child and should be careful not to overdo it.

As a child, you were prone to reclusion, and you had to push to ensure that you talked and made friends with other children. Best of all, you feel yourself with people you know well. A large crowd of people seems to you a perfect nightmare, you are repelled by insincere chatter.

Dark Side of the Sign

Being the biggest miser in the whole Zodiac, you probably do not trust banks and keep money in a stocking. You constantly say that you are a beggar, and never pay taxes, if possible, borrow from others. The need to climb the social ladder is the only thing that can make you climb into your well-eaten moth pocket, you start to fuss and expose yourself not in the best light. You are a cynic and a pessimist, suggestive of boredom. When the worst happens, you experience masochistic satisfaction and feel quite justified aspiration to prolong your longing. People tend to avoid your society, fearing to get infected with your attitude to life. This only strengthens you in the belief that you can never rely on anyone.

Love and Family

You believe in quality rather than quantity, and prefer to deeply love forever, than passionately for just one night. Your requirements for a partner are high, and you are not going to be satisfied with some slob. You yourself try to make even your home robe and slippers harmonize with each other.

You are happy to share your life with another person. Only to him alone do you discover the frightening secrets of your nature. You are anxious to find such a close person as soon as possible so that you can finally relax and direct your attention to other goals. With this combination of signs, people sometimes encounter hostility toward marriage, but there are many who marry early and repeatedly. Your relationship in marriage has a big impact on your life, so you should be cautious when choosing a future life partner. Love affairs are subject to big changes, and your partner may be a big obstacle to meeting your ambitious hopes.

You can strive for an easy life, but it is unlikely that you will have it. Ill-wishers can sneer at your relationship with your spouse, but better ignore them. You may not be going to leave your husband or wife, but you tend to appear in an inappropriate place at the wrong time. For example, you are experiencing an unpleasant period of your married life and just at that time you suddenly meet someone else. Since you are a romantic, it is likely that you will succumb to temptation, and your marriage will crumble to dust. Try to lower the bar of your requirements to your partner and give your marriage a chance to survive.

Career and Money

You may well turn out to be a person who has made himself, no matter what kind of education you have received, by a man who has gathered his strength and got himself into people. You will be particularly successful in working with family companies, property-related businesses and related fields, in designing, auditing, writing and publishing. As a boss, you will differ in poise and good humor. People like your soft leadership style. At the same time, you can easily obey orders. Essentially, you are a person who can excel in any field that he chooses.

Health and Immunity

A person born under this combination of signs is prone to colds, and may also suffer from poor mobility of the joints of the hands. It can be troubled by the stomach and colic due to flatulence. You may well be a melancholic and hypochondriac. Try to warm up dressing in bad weather, protect your knees and you can go though the North Pole.

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