Sun in Aries — Rising in Gemini

The character of a person with the Sun in Aries and the Ascendant in Gemini attacks the surrounding with a hot stream of words, with an impulsive thirst for communication. They react quickly, often too sharply seeking to discover new ways, impatient, often to nervousness. They attract attention by the fact that they are always energetic, always ready for action.

They care about good education, strengthening their life struggle — because everything becomes a struggle for them, even communication with those who speak the same language. Their actions are quick, the reactions are reckless. Waiting for them is the heaviest punishment. However, they hurry — or at least scare — those around. Where they appear, something is necessarily happening, things are going on there — if someone gets cones, it’s covered up with good words.

Aries with an ascendant in Gemini are confident in themselves and behave confidently; Fear of them is unknown. They can offend, but they do not easily tolerate grievances. If they are hurt, they react with a hot stream of words, they are always ready for an evil, ironic answer. They think they are unusually fast, they are attracted by all the exciting. A great sorrow if they can not attend anything.

They disseminate information that is rarely objective, they see the world primarily with their own eyes. They absolutely can not remain alone; If this happens, they can so cling to completely unfamiliar people that they make enemies to themselves.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♊ Gemini Rising ☆

Gemini as a rising sign give a person a flexible nature, make him calm, friendly and gracious. You are human and talkative, you quickly start to worry and get irritated, but quickly and calm down. Sometimes your anger can be excessive, but you are always ready to apologize. You are full of original ideas and skillfully negotiate, well-informed, subtle and businesslike. You are sociable, especially when discussing your favorite topic, but you can be withdrawn and nervous if you suddenly have to be in the spotlight.

Your life can be full of changes for the worse, and for the better, which are usually the result of romantic hobbies. In life, you will undoubtedly experience many vicissitudes, especially in financial matters. A true believer, you are full of ideas, you know little about everything. The liveliness of your nature attracts to you many friends, among whom there are people from different walks of life. You love novelty and change.

Lack of patience can create a lot of problems for you. You need to cultivate concentration and perseverance, to restrain your impulses to make changes just for the sake of change. People may think you are superficial, but that’s not entirely true. Because of your tendency to be content with general knowledge of many subjects, people may doubt that you are able to adhere to a certain course in life. However, you always survive. When life brings you a heavy blow, you take it philosophically and quickly recover from it, shaking yourself and immediately starting all over again.

You are cheerful and spontaneous, like a child. Your relatives are constantly trying to force you to become an adult. They simply do not realize that the spirit of youth that is inherent in you is the spirit of life itself. You have a wonderful ability to make friends and never feel happier than at the moment of communication. Some people like it when bright sparks like yours sparkle around them. Others may decide that you are superficial.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a person who quickly becomes bored, especially when not in the spotlight. When you see that people expect from you some kind of help or support, they immediately start to seem boring to you. Emotionally you are an extremely immature person. You must have everything you want, this also includes other people. Needless to say, your love life is a shade of disaster, but the more difficult it is, the better for you. Your interest is only fueled by the challenge that representatives of the opposite sex give you when you are not interested in or committed to another person.

You feel your natural superiority over others and are completely confident in your charm. You are indiscriminate in means and sometimes cheat, but often come across, because you think that you are infallible. You are deceiving yourself even when you look at facts in person, and while you think that you are smarter than others, the workarounds you use are quite obvious to others. You will use all means to push away old age, although you will never resort to wearing a wig or dyeing your hair. The most paradoxical thing about you is that although boredom is what you are most afraid of, you yourself are a boring person.

Love and Family

Your private life will be complex, full of secrets and intrigues, there are likely two marriages, one can be with a foreigner. When you fall in love, you love the head rather than the heart, often preferring the process of chasing its result. Whether you are married or not, you are very fond of flirting. The party will not give you any pleasure if you can not get acquainted with every representative of the opposite sex that is present there. The companion of your life will have to suffer for a very long time before he finally realizes that your coquetry does not necessarily lead to anything. You just love to be convinced of your attractiveness and fool others. Loyalty is not your strong point, so if you are wise, you will avoid novels with too sensitive or vulnerable people.

Career and Money

You are able to prove yourself well in work related to law, negotiations and trade. In whatever field you work, everywhere you aspire to occupy a high position and at the same time you can make two careers in different areas. Business related to travel, you also will do. In your professional life, beware of indecisiveness. You can also succeed by working with a small group of people working to achieve one goal. You are very eloquent, so you can succeed in the trade.

Your desire for freedom can make you attractive as a freelancer, but before you start the next task, you need to make sure that you have completed the previous one. You are talented and friendly, and it is not surprising that these qualities will greatly help you to achieve success in life.

Health and Immunity

You are prone to colds and their attendant infections, so you should be careful, especially when traveling. Diseases of the gallbladder, fever, poisoning and problems with the lungs and nerves also pose a threat to you. You need rest, proper nutrition and exercise, although you can treat all this without due attention, as you are sure of your health.

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