Sun in Aries — Rising in Leo

The character of a person with the Sun in Aries and an Ascendant in Leo demonstrates self-control to others, pretends to lead, is ready to fight for it. They want to show who they are. Show your presence; By them you will not pass. They are courageous and often rush to fight. At the same time, they want to show what a person who is fighting for his cause is capable of.

They talk a lot about peace-loving compatibility, but others must obey their wishes. At the same time, many disturbances are created, old ties are being destroyed. This is not a question of the individual as such, no, they see everything in universal ties! They just stick to the point of view that only they can arrange it so that everyone will be happy.

Aries with an ascendant in Leo are excellent in developing campaign plans. All that is necessary for the preparation of the operation, they organize perfectly. And later, when fanfares sound, they march in the front ranks. True, they do not consider themselves to be the actual striking force; They are generals who need a good review!

And they know how to bear responsibility. They attract to themselves, they are accepted as leaders and as an example; Otherwise, of course, it can not be. Unfortunately, they waste a lot of energy in vain; They believe that they have more than enough forces and waste them in vain. But they always set something in motion. It does not dispense with the truth, without tears, but in the noise of victory they do not notice.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♌ Leo Rising ☆

Success is very important to you, and you prefer to deal with people who hold a good social position. You have an open nature, strong will, you are frank and noble. Probably, you are a generous and very gifted person. At times, you can be proud and presumptuous, but on the whole you are the seasoned and domineering person. You do not have time for trifles, you like big and noble deeds. You are hot-tempered, but your anger does not last long.

Everything that you do, you try to do well and thoroughly think through your intentions, so luck easily finds you. Nevertheless, you can be quite dogmatic, and your businesses end in defeat, often at the same time you are putting yourself at great risk. It seems that you have some problems with your origin, probably related to your father, they can cause the vicissitudes of your destiny. There may be some legal conflicts in connection with foreign affairs or legacies abroad. You will spend part of life abroad.

You will have many friends from the art world, who will be attracted by your warmth and generosity. You like to play the role of master, and people are just as happy to come to you and play the role of guests. Arrogance and pride are perhaps your worst faults, but when you look back at the past, you usually see how ridiculous and pompous you seemed then. It is very important for you to get the opportunity and space for self-expression. You love to be in the center of attention and use every opportunity for this, and the surrounding people are usually happy to succumb to your courtesy and charm and allow you to take over them.

Dark Side of the Sign

In you there is something from a man suffering from megalomania. It is unlikely that you will be able to occupy a high position, and at best you will settle down in the position of a large fish in a small pond, and if not, then you will be a strict master in your house. You choose friends and lovers for their ability to flatter you. You are wasting money on acquiring unnecessary symbols of social position, which you do not have, just to make a good impression. You are extremely proud and expect applause as a reward for every little thing you have done. No doubt, this also applies to alcove secrets, regardless of your capabilities in this regard. If you find yourself untenable in love affairs, you will satisfy your power complex by choosing a spouse with a low intellectual level and who will stand well below you on the social ladder. Probably, in your circle you are a traditional object of jokes, people find your behavior completely inexplicable and therefore very funny.

Love and Family

Your passions are strong, but usually you are in a position to control them. In love, you are constant and devoted. It looks like you will have two marriages and children from both spouses. If you marry Aquarius, you will probably have twins. Other people may try to put your relationship with a loved one, so you will act wisely if you ignore any criticism. You are not the type that loves half, you give yourself completely. Unfortunately, such attachment can apply to a person who does not deserve it. You are often attracted to people who look good in the eyes of others. Always follow the voice of your heart, and you will not go too far in your mistakes.

Career and Money

You can quite achieve a good position and reputation due to your own merits. You are persistent and achieve your goals at the expense of great endurance. You have versatile abilities, you are attracted by the world of art, you love theater and stage, are well suited to work in public institutions. Aries with Leo rising deeply feel good poetry. Success in the career will be achieved through hard work and beneficial connections. At times, you will be lucky enough to find a rich patron who will help you if you are a man of artistic storekeeping. You can quite meet face to face with the need, but your patience will help you to come out of any situation with triumph. You will especially succeed in studies related to entrepreneurship abroad, education and jurisprudence.

Health and Immunity

The main diseases that you are exposed to affect the area of the heart, back and circulatory system. You also face rheumatism. Most people born under this combination of signs are proud that they have not suffered a single day in their lives, and perhaps they are telling the truth. The problem with the Leo’s Ascendant is that when you get sick, everything around seems terrible. So never take your strong health for granted.

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