Sun in Aries — Rising in Libra

The nature of man with the Sun in Aries and the Ascendant in Libra is characterized by considerable duality. On the one hand, they want to get along with others, on the other they are eager to insist on their own. They behave very affably, but the partner threatens to be captured when the temperament of Aries breaks through. They perceive the world as friendly and make a good impression, but inside of them everything bubbles. If they are striving for success in society, then the appearance of their primordial temperament can shock others.

So they show their unbridled strength, so to speak, in portions. Even they themselves admit, they often behave according to the old. Such people behave differently to others: outwardly they are balanced, when they do not conflict with anyone. However, they are ready to do anything if they try to limit them at least a little.

Aries with an Ascendant in Libra are very adorable, so you should not trust them too much not to fall for a whole series of surprises. They are very sensitive about everything that concerns themselves, but they are tough enough if it is a question of the position they want to occupy.

Rivalry often turns into their enmity. Often they think that they are the fairest of all, meanwhile they speak only of justice. Defeats they cover on the playing bohemian behavior, being inside heavily wounded. They with many in a quarrel, while they consider them very balanced, — they make so different impression.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♎ Libra Rising ☆

This is a good combination of opposites, which can mitigate mutual shortcomings. For example, you can show courage in conflicts, but, unlike a typical Aries who rushes into the attack, you begin negotiations and try to solve problems in the spirit of friendship. This pleasant side of your character is characterized by great flexibility and sensitivity and depends on the prevailing conditions at the moment.

You are polite, honest, frank and open, just in thought and action. The volatility of your mood means that you can be both an optimist and an absolute pessimist; You fall into extremes, and although you are easily excited, it is just as easy and calming down. When it comes to making important decisions, you prefer to wait and see what happens before you act. You are very persistent person, but you are always ready to listen to other people and understand why they resist your desires.

You are not as independent as a true Aries, and you need a partner, both in business and in your personal life. Your appetites are great, and your love for luxury and pleasure is all-consuming. Sometimes you obsessively follow the fashion, but you can easily change your mind and find a new subject of passion. It looks like you had problems with your parents, who restricted you in everything. It is important to take into account that instability is following you and threatens your success. Your friends are likely to be people of high background, people of art or professionals in their business. Your children will be your support in old age if you manage to maintain a really close relationship.

Dark Side of the Sign

One of your many problems is indecisiveness. It’s amazing that you ever managed to get up early in the morning from bed. And maybe you do not get up, because laziness is another trap that you always fall into. You will sit and dream awake about how you will be offered a grandiose job while others are working diligently. From a financial point of view, you are completely hopeless, you can ignore the electricity bill and spend money on entertainment. You consider it your duty to satisfy every whim, including your gastronomic predilections. It seems to you that for the opposite sex you are a real gift. In addition, you are slightly cowardly: an easy hint at the problem, and you have a trace of it. The only person you really take seriously is yourself. In fact, you are not looking for anything in life except comfort and the opportunity to indulge in some artistic hobbies.

Love and Family

It seems that this side of your life could become the most successful, since you manage not to forget about yourself, and share with others. You are popular, and people respond to the sympathy, sympathy and deep affection that you show. If you could work together with your spouse, you would be perfectly happy. When you finally get married, it turns out that your partner is a well-off or even a rich man. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you will probably receive an unexpected inheritance from a woman. Any person claiming the role of your admirer can be sure that you are committed to creating an ideal union. But keep in mind that your ideals extend so far that they can be inaccessible to the spouse. Most likely, you will fall in love early and keep your love until old age. Your type never gives up anything halfway.

Career and Money

You are lucky, as you can learn quickly. You have a good artistic taste, you understand fashion and business; In addition, your inventive mind is able to find application in the field of designing or decorating premises. Aries with Libra rising have a penchant for seamanship or work related to liquids. Many people with the Ascendant in Libra become traffickers of liquor, chemists, therapists, surgeons and sailors. Wherever the liquid is the main element, you have the opportunity to achieve success. You will deal with the public, and your profession can also be associated with the satisfaction of her needs. Any success that you achieve will probably be temporary, so working as a freelancer is not for you.

Health and Immunity

You are to blame for most of your health problems, because you are prone to overeating and abuse alcohol. Not surprisingly, this can affect the condition of the kidneys and liver. Self-control is the only way out. Nevertheless, the main factor contributing to the deterioration of your health, there will be love relationships. You are sure that your feelings are shared, and you can just get sick if someone is disappointed. However, as a rule, this combination of signs tells its owner greater vitality.

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