Sun in Aries — Rising in Pisces

The character of a person with the Sun in Aries and the ascendant in Pisces is always discordant between the urge to act with an instinct that could prompt the right time. For the most part, they do not know how to wait, forcing their instincts turn everything in their own way, because they are reluctant to listen to the inner. They do not ask themselves not others, but at the same time they have a wonderful instinct of the surrounding. But their impulsiveness often destroys what a subtle nervous flair brings together.

They feel a lot in the events, but they can not wait for a decisive push in development; They are in many ways reminiscent of a child born before the term, seven months. They act too early and prematurely close. Such people think that have a good instinct, but for the most part things are the opposite way, they take for an instinct the echoes to which they listen.

Aries with an ascendant in Pisces are often not very happy and fortunate, they fluctuate between resistance and compliance; They feel in themselves the beginning and the end, it is difficult to satisfy both. Their dreams of the future are less, but the usual pliability imposes their own seal on them.

They are also overflowed with the animal origin: they are saved in sickness, which they appear to be the deliverers of their vital duties. They do not suffer failures, not realizing that they can learn more than success. Their bands are too far apart and too close; If you can establish a connection between them, a genius is born.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♓ Pisces Rising ☆

It is unlikely that you will quickly find your way in life, as well as a suitable life partner. You often try to keep a distance between yourself and the rest of the people. In critical situations, you tend to feel sorry for yourself, but strength and courage will help you achieve success and take a good position, most likely in the field of literature or art. You are impressionable, romantic, flexible, have a rich imagination, often strange ideas come to your head.

You are strongly influenced by circumstances and surroundings. You are just, generous and compassionate, diligent, inclined to contemplation. You have a poetic soul and like to enjoy all the blessings of life, but your generosity does not allow you to have fun at someone else’s expense. You have a changeable, but at the same time, strong will, and you can exercise power without sharpness and firmness, while remaining friendly. Despite the fact that you tend to agree simply out of courtesy, your prudence makes you be very careful when it comes to accepting personal obligations. It’s not easy for you to lose your temper, but you are just as difficult and calmer and tend to give up revenge and nobly suffer.

A very active person, you pursue a variety of goals, which usually with success reach. You are a sociable person and like a good company. You are also a man of broad knowledge and very eloquent. Your passions are strong, but changeable.

It is unlikely that your family will provide you with financial assistance, and it may happen that the property of your family will somehow be divided. One parent may marry again. You can communicate well with children, and probably you will have a large family. Other people consider you a person not of this world, and indeed there is some truth in this. Nevertheless, to their surprise, when it comes to the financial side of life, it turns out that your head is in its place. You can not afford to spend unnecessarily and strictly adhere to the adopted budget.

You are very inquisitive, and it is likely that you are a collector. You know how to bargain well and are able to buy things at ridiculous prices. In addition, you are very attracted by the water. You love its soothing silence and are ready for anything to plunge into the sea, into the bath, splash in the shower or spend time in the bath. Water relaxes you. The people around you say that you are incredibly sensitive, but do not understand that behind this appearance there is a person who can endure many trials.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a real ostrich, which hides its head in the sand, and in every possible way try to avoid responsibility. You are happy to go with the flow and if you are overtaken by a crisis, you drop your hands and wait for others to come to the rescue. And they come. Moreover, you derive pleasure from your humble way of life. If some good-natured tries to correct you, you will pour dirt on him. This combination of Pisces (water) and Aries (fire) leads to the formation of a mass of steam, which can coolly cloud the realities of life.

Love and Family

You are endowed with a rich imagination, romantic and impressionable, so love is important to you, although your heart is often broken. You have a wonderful ability to give love, but first you have to find someone who will be worthy of it. So you need to be careful. You are expecting two marriages, as the first spouse will bring disappointment. However, the chances of finding happiness are great enough. You will have a large family, and your children will be lucky in life.

You are honestly trying to become everything for your partner: a confidant, an assistant and a comrade in games. The person who will connect with you his life, should take into account that if life becomes boring, you can go in search of excitement and romantic adventures. But do not worry, if you have time to think before you bind yourself in marriage, you can find the right person with whom you can share a happy life.

Career and Money

This combination of signs is often found in popular writers. You have an active and creative mind, you are always in search of new ideas. You will achieve prosperity through your own efforts, your literary works will be successful, you can also succeed by traveling or receiving the help of relatives.

Probably, you will have two classes in life and two sources of income. Your interest in material goods can lead to the fact that you become a banker, financier, stockbroker or collector. Regardless of what your profession will be, there will certainly be a place for your artistic hobby in your life, since you really need self-expression.

Health and Immunity

You need to take care of parts of the body that are on the periphery — the face, head and legs — they are especially prone to diseases. You are careless about your diet, so you can suffer from colic. You should take care of the kidneys, if you are a woman, then the ovaries, and be attentive to the slightest unpleasant symptoms associated with these organs. Be careful, any accidents that can happen to you will be associated with hot or sharp objects.

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