Sun in Aries — Rising in Sagittarius

People with the Sun in Aries and the ascendant in Sagittarius are knights by vocation, gentlemen of inner conviction, on the banner of which is self-control and rejection; But the embodiment of these mottos is given to them with difficulty. They constantly have to ask themselves what is more reasonable: to rush into battle or wait, directing things to the true path.

They go to the start as racers with the confidence that they should immediately lead, but because of the judges they have to go from behind, driving the race in a wait-and-see manner. But they do not like it, so they create collisions and accidents. They know that only experience brings wisdom, but they have too short a memory to save experience.

Aries with an ascendant in Sagittarius is remembered only when everything is going wrong. Their beliefs are venerable, even flawless. They themselves will not engage in unclean affairs, they always tell the truth, unless they feel that the truth is also changeable, and it is not always appropriate, and that it is better to act more spontaneously and not to emphasize so much your education.

These are temperamental soldiers who have to be taken out of the front rows so that they do not start a battle before the time. At the same time, their installation can be called noble, so nowadays they are treated with some skepticism - are not they already transferred? At the same time, these are loaded, involved people.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Rising ☆

This combination of signs implies the presence in the person of fervor and a tendency to take risks. If due to circumstances you can not return from the trip, you are able to plan everything and are always ready to accept new ideas and a new way of life. You are frank, open, generous and honest. An active person by nature, you are always in business and striving for new achievements, often for the sake of the process itself. You are very sincere and sometimes release remarks that it would be better to leave with you. You are optimistic and full of enthusiasm, in your presence people always feel good. You do not have time for pessimists.

You can hide two completely different characters, one person for people, another for yourself, you can be recklessly defiant, but also shy; Impressionable and restrained. You are a hot and rather impatient person, often irritated for no apparent reason, but rarely are vindictive. You have a keen sense of justice, and you are very hurt by dishonesty in other people.

Usually you are polite, courteous and calm and become bold only in the presence of enemies or when you are compelled to defend yourself. You are optimistic and youthful active even in adulthood. Enjoying your independence, you will rather sacrifice everything than allow to limit your freedom. You feel very ill in a malevolent environment and, naturally, do not trust yourself or others, which can lead to misunderstanding. You love truth, justice and peaceful relations and rarely enter into disputes without good reason. You like to do good deeds and help humanity to become better.

You can work with ardor and just as completely indulge in the game, like sports, entertainment and active social life. Your warmth and generosity, enthusiasm and enterprise make you an extremely popular person. You think that you should live as intensively as possible, and you do not have enough patience for lazy people or complainants. It’s a pleasure to spend time with you.

Dark Side of the Sign

Your sign is fiery, so you are disgusted with water, this applies to bathing too. Sometimes it becomes noticeable. You are as tactful and sensitive as a bulldozer, so it’s amazing that you actually have real friends. In addition, you are clumsy and you can not cross the room without hurting people and furniture in it. Moreover, you have the manners of a vagrant cat, and you do not think of anything else but to pursue your friend’s wife, and then brag about it to everyone who will listen. You are so noisy and loud that it seems that you should not be sent to the Moon by the next flight. If you knew the whole truth, you would find out that many of your so-called friends are already folding to pay for your ticket.

Love and Family

A person born under combination of Aries Sun and Sagittarius rising signs loves a state of being in love and will have numerous connections. Passion is hot while it continues, but you do not need serious reasons to be disappointed. This may be due to the fact that in your youth you had problems with your parents. Maybe they were overly strict and overly cared for you, which was worse for you than prison. You will probably have two or more marriages, one of which will significantly affect your position in society. You need to develop persistence to create a happy family alliance, but since you hold fast to your freedom and try to extend it as much as possible, the only thought that you can lose it is enough to keep from an early marriage. Remember that you need a person like you who can easily declare your immortal love and will not complain when someone appears who you are serious about. As a lover for a very sensitive or emotional person you are not fit.

Career and Money

Whatever you do, you can be sure that your career will be long and fruitful. You are especially talented in the field of teaching, sports and art. You should also work well with children, mainly because in some ways you yourself will always remain a child. Enrichment can be played on the stock exchange, as well as work related to animals. You should make an excellent lecturer, and in some cases you will be able to excel in a career of politics, although before you should develop a diplomacy. You can be attracted by the free life that work under the contract, and since you are by nature an energetic person, such work will go very well for you. For fruitful activity, you need a bright and cheerful environment and a free daily routine.

Health and Immunity

Your problem may be asthma, because the bronchi are a sensitive area of your body, as well as the ears and throat. You may be prone to mild rheumatism and swelling of your legs, but otherwise you are completely healthy. Travel can lead to illness, so be careful. In winter, you are usually worried about colds, since you tend to dress out of season. For some reason it seems to you that you are insensitive to neither extreme cold nor heat.

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