Sun in Aries — Rising in Scorpio

The character of a person with the Sun in Aries and the ascendant in Scorpio shows itself to those around him who are inspired and fierce: they always want to hold and approve something in the world. They come into conflict with everyone who has a different opinion than they do. They are so idealistic that it comes to fanaticism. At the slightest opportunity, they turn to the law or write complaints on the service line.

Aries with an ascendant in Scorpio are constantly attacked, they do not allow another to say a word; They think that it is a matter of business, but they confuse the matter and their own personality. Their ability to get involved is monstrous; If in the house they have to masters for some manual work, they take it for themselves, and when the master comes — the work is already done. Having achieved his goal, he is immensely happy and trumpets into fanfare.

The whole world is surprised at their strength, which seems almost inexhaustible. Whatever happens, they each time again get to their feet; If something is not possible that can be attributed to a higher power, they take it as a given fate, but woe if difficulties arise because of a person: they will collapse on him. They are all surprised, but not very fond of. At first, it does not matter to them, but eventually becomes unpleasant; They get affectionate animals that will not resist them.

They are extraordinary, but it is difficult to deal with them, the world often does not know what to do with this force, so that they often remain abandoned. But they are able to cope with loneliness due to their belligerent will.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Rising ☆

You can not miss. These are two strong signs, and their combination makes you very impressive. Undoubtedly, you are a fighter, and easily enter into quarrels. At times, your aggressiveness goes out of control. You all do it hard: both work and play, load yourself to such an extent that it can lead to illness and other problems. You like to criticize others, sometimes you are even sarcastic and cruel to those who dare contradict you. You have an iron will that protests when it gets up across the road.

You are gifted with a rich imagination and extreme resourcefulness, but you can be irritable and quick-tempered, although you quickly calm down. You have never heard that in everything you can find the golden mean, and your love, as well as your hatred, absorb you completely You are a straightforward, fearless and very proud person. You are closed, you rarely accept the advice of others and always stand guard over your interests. Your naturally grumpy nature can be mitigated and kept under control, letting it express itself in a brilliant discussion.

In youth, your financial prospects are rather vague, although later prosperity awaits you. Your father may have been of great help to you, but he could also be a big problem for you. The difficulties of youth will ultimately lead to great success, and all your efforts will be justified. Please develop your flexibility and compassion. People can simply be afraid of you, and this will create obstacles for you in life.

Dark Side of the Sign

You can be a rather unpleasant person, a type who, being already an adult, can strike a blow in the back of a person simply because he once in his childhood defeated him by playing checkers. You live on an island of mistrust and cynicism. You are accusing your spouse of the fact that she is in love with your best friend. And when you do not get promotions that you think are due to you, you just get confirmation of your negative opinion about the whole human race. Your views are absolutely unshakable. You can become a drunkard, and it’s really not easy to get along with someone like you, so people try to avoid you. As for the work, then you feel at the top of happiness, wearing a uniform that can frighten civilians.

Love and Family

In love, you are a special person, you know exactly what you want, and refuse to compromise. You can carry the torch of your first childish love through life to old age. This combination of signs gives you the greatest passion, and hopefully you will find a person who will like your energy, jealousy and desire to dominate. This can be difficult, and it seems that you will repeatedly marry. In life, you will have many secret love relationships, although you are the most loyal of lovers and are not inclined to enter into casual relationships. If you can not find someone who really suits you, you will rather live alone, because compromises are not for you. But if you find a couple and are happy, then you can only envy.

Career and Money

Your "eagle eye" is constantly looking for all the background, and you can become an occultist, detective, chemist or philosopher. Extremely ambitious, you are not the type who will be happy to go with the flow. You, probably, early determine your path in life and will firmly adhere to it. Having shown proper zeal, you usually achieve success. You can also succeed in the work related to the provision of services, since it gives you pleasure to make other people happy. Whatever you do, you try to do it well. Employers can be assured of your reliability and efficiency, as well as the fact that when you need, you will be tough and unyielding. If you are tough enough to survive in the world of contract work, you are not easily intimidated by any recession in the economy.

Health and Immunity

Since you are prone to excesses, it seems that many of your illnesses will develop due to excess, especially in the consumption of alcohol. Areas that require special attention are the gallbladder and excretory system. You are also prone to poisoning, headaches and injuries as a result of careless handling of fire or sharp objects. Take care of your right hand and do not neglect your eyes, they can easily be exposed to infections. You do not like to be sick, you despise medicine, believing that you yourself know everything. Fortunately, you are usually damn healthy, so other people rarely have to mess around with you. The bad thing is that even when the symptoms of the disease manifest themselves clearly, you remain so reckless that you are not being taken for treatment.

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