Sun in Aries — Rising in Taurus

The character of a man with the Sun in Aries and an Ascendant in Taurus is able to hide the inner disintegration behind an external charm. They seem cute, often even cute, they are able to handle others, have practicality. However, they do not give rest to themselves, which they often bring to others. It’s amazing how a trivial occasion can sometimes cause an emotional explosion in them!

Outwardly they attach great importance to culture, masking them with strong ambitious aspirations. Horoscope promises them endurance and endurance, which often is not enough. They charm with their courtesy, but they suddenly lose their politeness as soon as they touch their vanity. Their business interests are upheld with courtesy, but it’s better not to play poker: the corners of the mouth start shaking too fast, the forehead is folded.

Aries with an ascendant in Taurus often pretend that they are ready to compromise, although in reality this is not so, unless they are forced to do so. As soon as their effects cease, they change their behavior, often instantaneously.

When the breakthrough impulsive impulse subsides, do not think that they have calmed down. Such people want to be praised, recognized and respected. Their artistic talent can be really significant. Self-control, bursting at times with outbursts of anger, is given to them, it seems, with difficulty. After all, no other character does so much effort to keep oneself in hand.

♈ Aries Sun ☉♉ Taurus Rising ☆

You are trying to reconcile two very different personalities, and this can not be achieved without a struggle. You, undoubtedly, have all the brilliance of a true Aries and can be enterprising, energetic and enthusiastic. However, Taurus holds back this aspect of your character, often forcing you to be very stubborn and impatient with anyone who gives advice or contradicts you. So it’s pretty hard to understand.

At least self-control in you is more developed than you would expect from Aries. It takes a lot of effort to awaken anger in you, but in anger you instill fear. The reason for the internal conflict is that one side of your personality wants recognition and attention, and the other prefers to remain in the shadow, hoping that your efforts will be appreciated.

There is some secrecy in you, and at first glance it is not easy to understand what you are. You seem a mysterious person, and this attracts people to you. You have many friends, some of them have a good enough position in society to help you from time to time. But, communicating with you, people often remain at a loss, because at one point you can be sociable and behave confidently, and the next moment you are already reserved, slow and full of doubts. One quality, which the ox encourages in the sheep, is determination, which helps you generate ideas and gives you the determination to bring everything to the end. Although sometimes this determination completely comes out of your control, because you like to insist on your opinion and you can be inflexible.

You love the methodical and orderly, carefully treat your property. In general, you seem to be a happy person living a peaceful life, but keep in mind that your tendency to be inflexible where it is completely out of place and excessive persistence in opinions can lead to disappointments. A typical Aries is usually a rather moderate appetite, but in your case, Taurus’s love for food and drink sometimes exceeds reasonable limits, especially when you are either upset or unhappy.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are as stubborn as an ox, and you impose your views on others, even if they are far from brilliant. Talking for you is a one-way street, so you are self-confident. You care only about clearly stating your point of view. You can also be something like a lazy slut — sitting down in front of the TV, you will not budge, even to go for an ashtray. Most of your opinions and ideas formed when you were eighteen, and you refuse to grow and grow, and then wonder why promotion or success bypasses you. But even if the fortune smiles at you, you again will not be able to take advantage of the opportunities. You will never starve, but are too close to make money work for you. You do not believe in newfangled ideas, such as time deposits or anything like that. Such people do not have much time for sex or love, and your partners very soon realize that you care only about yourself.

Love and Family

In love, you are usually jealous, treat your loved one in a proprietary way, but at the same time are unstable. You easily fall in love and refuse to admit your mistakes. Therefore, marriage with you is likely to be either heaven or hell. Ideally, you need to find someone who will help you discover the bright sides of your nature. Life in marriage with an introvert person can be quite calm or incredibly boring. But you, at least, can not be denied the ability to be a reliable partner, and if you fall in love, you will be faithful to your chosen one no matter what. You usually have good parents, especially a father, and, probably, you owe it to him exactly with your attitude towards love and marriage. You will also be pleased to hear that your children will be a source of satisfaction and material support for you and will achieve great success in the field of art.

Career and Money

You work well behind the scenes, and you should make an excellent researcher. You can be a patient and accurate worker, addicted to natural history and gardening. A lesson that will allow you to apply these talents will bring you success. Interest in nutrition can lead you into the service sphere. The bright side of your character can manifest itself in show business, although rather as a manager or an agent, not an artist. You should find your place in life, and you have a long and fruitful career.

Health and Immunity

You are prone to diseases affecting the liver and kidneys, and if you are a woman, then the ovaries, as well as diabetes, throat and tonsillitis. Be wary of too much stress and overwork. As a rule, you have excellent health, but remember that it is easier to prevent illness than to be treated.

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