Sun in Cancer — Moon in Aquarius

The combination of Cancer Sun and Aquarius Moon signs produces the kind of personality that can transmit an excellent understanding of yourself to others around you. You relate well to people and are likely to have the reputation for being one who is understanding and sympathetic. Yet you have a rather objective intellect that always seems to hold a large viewpoint.

Your appeal may be to large groups of people more than to individuals as your aloofness and detachment draws people to you rather than drawing you toward others. You often appear preoccupied, as though you were caught up in many thoughts at the same time. You are critical of people, but always in a well-intentioned way. You have a good deal of pride and you’re not one to bare your soul to those around you.

There is little that is petty about you, and you have little time for pettiness in others. You have a way of achieving power over people, and you seem to spend little time or effort making friends. Nonetheless, you are well accepted for your general concern for people. With an aristocracy of bearing, you raise people to your level, rarely stooping to theirs.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Moon ☽

You have remarkably astute intuition and perception. Others may find you somewhat self-important and assuming because you have always got a ready answer or belief. You are one or two steps ahead of everyone else. You become testy with those who fail to see things the way you do or who cannot understand the truth you may have just discovered. Searching for new frontiers is the focus in your combination because of Cancer’s depth and sensitivity to their surroundings. It can also bring about the flaky crank or fanatic, but ideally the result is the interested and devoted politician, humanist or researcher.

You are different than other Cancers because of that offbeat and unusual imagination of yours. You are the first to experience something new and different and there is nothing very careful about you. Your deep internal restless spirit pushes you on, as does your independent thought. Either that will result in lasting achievements or absurd rebellion. This impatience and intellectual arrogance can be your undoing. Your complete apathy to the beliefs of others may cause you to lose out on much of what life can give. When young, you no doubt saw yourself as a white knight, righting wrongfulness.

Eventually reality and recognizing your own limits either nurtured a more realistic viewpoint or led to a sense of disenchantment and, perhaps, acrimoniousness. Cynicism may have come about. Drowning yourself in some radical group that promises heaven is possible. Fanaticism or passionate dedication to a cause or political theory may be an alluring last resort for the disenchanted. That is not the case, fortunately, for most Cancer-Aquarians. You may very possibly seek a technical or scientific vocation with your scientific mind and wild imagination, but your strong social consciousness could lead you into humanistic endeavors, politics or law.

You are dedicated to pursuing your own unique path toward wisdom, accuracy, and self-realization. Many Cancer-Aquarians are haunted by mental disarray. Your mind inclines toward drifting in the classroom, on the job or in discussions. You dream about some new concept or unfinished project and stare into space, when you should be paying attention. Locating something absorbing enough to hold your attention for a time is difficult because your curiosity is interminable. You no doubt feel a strong sense of duty as all Moon in Aquarius natives do.

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