Sun in Cancer — Moon in Aries

The combination of Cancer Sun and Aries Moon signs gives you a quick mind and a remarkable memory. You are a person with much self-respect and determination. Yet this never seems to make you at all self-centered or insensitive to others. In fact, you are very sensitive to everyone, and you live by the code "Do unto others as you would..." There is no great complexity about your emotions. They are just near the surface, and as a rule, do become easily aroused.

If offended, you often reply with a quick and ever so intense emotional reaction. But there is not much depth to this temper, and you become quickly cooled and back to normal. Emotions are quick and changeable. Sometimes you say things before thinking that you later regret. This is unfortunate, because your intentions are usually sterling. Although you mean the best and you’ll go into battles for your friends, you’re not so good at respecting their ideas.

You may dismiss such ideas and principles before really giving them any thought. You are anything but a naive person, and about the only way you can be fooled is by playing to your emotions. Your nature is a little on the suspicious side. You seem to succeed much more readily working in some humanistic profession or artistic endeavor, rather than in a business. People and ideas appeal more than money.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♈ Aries Moon ☽

You can feel misunderstood and let down because they do not place you on a pedestal. You run into problems because you sometimes do not accept yourself. You cannot be in the spotlight all the time. There is no need to live life as though you can save the world and run from place to place trying to meet all kinds of impossible goals. This can only result in ill health. Be happy and grateful for who you actually are and do not worry about being super human. Self-acceptance is the key.

There is a competition here between an aggressive and assertive Aries and a careful and sensitive Cancer. The fact is though; it is quite difficult to live up to being a person who is all things to all people. The scenario might be that you believe yourself to be a leader, but the insecure and careful Cancer side stops you from enacting those fantasies and delusions of grandeur. Depression and moodiness can result if you do not keep up with the challenges of your dreams. You are a very talented person and the Cancer-Aries is quite self-motivated.

Careers that might suit you are in politics, engineering or other things that involve projects emphasizing improvement. Academia is also a possibility because of your strong intellectual abilities. Discarding your idealistic image can open up several creative areas because of your abilities and talents. You might have an inclination to think you are superior to others even though you are generous and polite. This can cause serious problems for you. The road to your career is sometimes blocked by your lack of patience and pride, in spite of your gusto and ambition. You like to have attention and you can range from the being the ham to the sophisticate.

You are always trustworthy, truehearted and steady in your close friendships. You are also a committed and tender partner who is extremely amorous. There is a need to always believe you have someone on your side who gives support. Your spirit and mind keep you ahead in school or work. When things do not go as planned, you can throw aside everything you have worked for. You do not take orders well and this means that being the subordinate is not easy for you. You sometimes do not accept it and ruin your chance for advancement. A Cancer-Aries probably has the most difficult challenge in overcoming self-importance. You are highspirited, friendly and outgoing in a social setting.

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