Sun in Cancer — Moon in Leo

The combination of Cancer Sun and Leo Moon signs produces a Cancer that is a good deal less shy and demure than is normally expected. In personality, you are positive and confident, emphasizing pride, dignity and self-respect. You appear open-hearted, amiable and outgoing. You always strive to make a good first impression because you are a proud person, and you care a good deal about what people think of you. You expect and enjoy having a broad base of support and respect from those whom you come in contact.

Your security is knowing others like you and you seem to crave attention and respect. You attract this with your warm, sunny personality, but somehow you manage to keep most people at a distance and never get really close with very many individuals. You distrust people, but you tolerate their shortcomings and feel that you can control most individuals and circumstances. You meet unexpected situations and do the right thing at the right time.

Your style is always neat and organized and you don’t like to be around sloppy people or disorganized situations. You take yourself seriously, perhaps even to the degree of being a little pompous and self-righteous at times. You know how to get your way while making others feel that they are the winners, and that you are the one who is compromising. Under a rather gentle exterior is a core of independence and determination that others rarely see or realize.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♌ Leo Moon ☽

You know yourself well so you do not mind expressing your feelings and thoughts. Your lack of inhibitions along with personal appeal, self-confidence and magnetism, add to your success. You want the applause, credit and position that comes with success because your Leo nature needs it. Here we have Cancer with the bravery to be creative and Leo with the imagination and sensitivity. The result is a gifted mixture. Succeeding at anything you set out to accomplish is the result of your adeptness and talents and this provides confidence.

Unlike most Cancers, you do not feel the need to guard your emotions. You believe that you have earned esteem, appreciation and sometimes adulation and you will be content only when this is provided. You almost certainly have very powerful creative drives. The arts have probably called you at one time or another during your life. There is a wide variety of things that interest you in this area including design, film, writing, music, and architecture. You are prone to taking setbacks so hard that you let a martyr complex consume you. Sitting back and moaning about the world not acknowledging your genius because it is so blind and callous is possible.

Learning things from defeat is something you need to do. Experience and good advice can assist you and you need to know this or you will lose a bright future. Others are often attracted to you because you have a strong need for credence and thus your benevolence and magnetism draws them. Manipulation to gain an advantage from others is something to be cautious of. You are kind and generous but you always put yourself first. A couple of issues for you are conceit and pride.

Criticism is something you have difficulty dealing with even though you are patient and strong-minded. Furthermore, there are problems you have taking the reversals or normal defeats that all talented people must run into in moving toward success. Part of this stems from stubbornness. No one can deter you at times from the feeling that you are right. You often wonder how anyone can question you. Your downfall might just be a high-minded inflexibility in your attitude towards change or learning. Your first defeat, after a super quick start and strong gains, can be crushing for you. Recovery from wounded pride and conceit comes very slowly in your case.

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