Sun in Cancer — Moon in Libra

The combination of your Cancer Sun and Libra Moon creates a curious blending of independence and dependence, an entwined network of contradictions. The Cancer side of you wants to withdraw and become emotional; the Libra reaches and can remain detached and analytical. There is a constant pull between sheer objectivity and intense emotionalism. You want, and in fact need, companionship. Nonetheless, it’s hard for you to give much of yourself, being sensitive and a trifle introverted.

You do seem to absorb other people with a charm that makes them readily respond to you. Socially, you are always a winner, but more so in a large gathering than in twosomes or small groups. In many ways, you are a romantic. You like to have people around you, and you like to receive your fair share of attention and notice for what you do. Yet you may have some difficulty responding in kind.

There is a strong self-protective mechanism between you and others, and you seem to keep everyone at arms length with a certain suspicion and analytical cleverness. You have an innate ability to see all the strengths and flaws in those around you, and unless you find few or no weaknesses in a person, it will be very difficult for them to penetrate the barrier and get very close to you.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♎ Libra Moon ☽

You often follow the road that your peers, parents or authority figures have gone down, and a lot of your disarray comes from not doing what you feel. You can easily give into self-consciousness, shyness, excessive self-examination and maybe even closing yourself off when your desire to defend yourself or shield your feelings takes priority. Learn to control your surroundings because your environment can often dictate to you. This is particularly true when you choose friends and associates.

When combined with the Moon in Libra, the emotional anxieties and the shyness of Cancer are magnified. Your quest for internal peace and quiet is held back by your emotional vulnerability and high degree of sensitivity. How you perceive yourself often takes a back seat to how others see you. You sometimes lose your way in the attitudes and roles of those around you. This is because you are so busy watching what others are saying and doing. Somehow you believe you will find yourself there. A positive and supportive situation will result if you do.

Your opinions are just as good as others and you should learn to speak up more and be confident. Perils and occasionally daring are sometimes necessary to take advantage of opportunities. You are very romantic and long to be needed. The sexual aspect is not as important as the romantic and sentimental side of romance for you. You often completely ignore the bad traits in your partner and build up the good ones to almost unreachable heights. You need emotional support and encouragement at every turn and you will practically worship a person who gives it to you.

Your endowments are inside of you and you need to search for various ways to express them. You can rid yourself of fears and meet larger challenges after you have acquired more self-confidence. You are extremely creative because of your powerful imagination. A Cancer-Libra has numerous artistic opportunities if they have gained enough confidence. You have a knack for singling out the sources of stress and conflict and this would make you an excellent diplomat and a natural conciliator. You can apply you social skills in wide ranging areas like psychology, sociology, law or public relations once you achieve emotional balance and harmony.

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