Sun in Cancer — Moon in Pisces

The combination of Cancer Sun and Pisces Moon signs produces a highly fluid nature with much emotional depth. You store a constant flow of impressions and your instincts and hunches are usually very accurate. Your polarity reveals that your personality blends harmoniously with your individuality, but also accentuates your emotional nature, making you mentally receptive and impressionable. You have a very peaceable and amenable personality, and is agreeable and rarely on the wrong side of an argument; agreeable, friendly and diplomatic.

Not a fighter, you are so affable and pleasant that is sometimes hard to tell where you stand or how long you are going to stand there. This is not to say you don’t have ideas, but you keep them to yourself rather than produce conflict and turmoil. Your practical or political sense is so clear and your ability to apply tact to most situations usually assure you success in most endeavors, but you may have to develop your self-confidence and be a little more willing to act on your hunches and highly accurate intuition.

You’re suspicious of others, and you may keep many secrets locked inside. In fact, you are self-protective, a bit defensive, and some would say too cautious, a good deal of the time; but because of this, very able to protect yourself from designing people. Never easy to fool, you have good business sense and the ability to drive a good bargain. You can be popular in a large broad way with groups of people, though in personal contacts you are likely to remain a little suspicious and overly careful.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♓ Pisces Moon ☽

You have overpowering spiritual and selfless urges that the highly developed Cancer-Pisces often has. You feel the call for protection even though you may be a saint in essence. Like all impressionable, highly sensitive and sharing individuals, you protect your emotions to avoid being harmed. The Cancer-Scorpio hides behind privacy and all Cancers have their special defense mechanisms; arrogance for Cancer-Leo, and using an offence as a defense for Cancer-Aries. Role-playing is your special defense. Yours is the most tenderhearted, sensitive, and sympathizing of all the Cancer signs.

Needless pain, inhuman treatment, or unfairness automatically repulses you. You have a strong desire to reach out and assist others because you are authentically concerned and always ready to give of yourself. Worrying that his sensitivity is a form of helplessness, a male Cancer-Pisces may try to feign an aggressive persona. He is hoping to hide his feelings with an obvious show of manliness or macho. In hopes of being swept off her feet and forever protected, a female Cancer-Pisces may utilize an excessively feminine role. So afraid are they of showing their true selves, both genders risk assuming roles that are completely at odds with their real natures.

Continuous role-playing is a manner of self-deception and escapism even though it is sometimes required in order to get along in life. You have a wonderful and unique personality and if you learn to make good use of your talent to fantasize, it will be an excellent way of handling stress and anxiety. You may be successful as an artist or in other creative area if you do not lose your hold on the actual world. Moreover, education, medicine, counseling and law are ideally suited for you.

You learn with amazing speed. You have an excellent memory and are a quick learner. You rely on others for centering and inspiration because you are essentially passive. Highly motivated individuals are whom you should associate with. Most of all be true to yourself. See sensitivity as a strength. You can cut yourself off from your happiness by denying part of yourself. It is not necessary for you to build a protective wall around yourself since your combination shows constancy, wellness, and luck. Being who you actually are will let you feel far more satisfied and content.

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