Sun in Cancer — Moon in Sagittarius

The combination of Sun in Cancer and Moon in Sagittarius blends the contradictory elements of caution, tenacity, and a need for security, with the much more outgoing Sagittarius tendency to be outgoing and independent. This pairing gives you a more sociable and progressive demeanor. You can relate to generalities and ideals, but on a more real and practical basis. You can inspire confidence in people.

In your relations with others you demand absolute honesty. When you detect falsity and insincerity in your dealings with people, the sensitive and defensive side of your nature quickly appears. Petty jealousies and trite behavior repels you. You live more or less by your own set of rules, often trying to live up to some ideal or idol you have set up as a goal or inspiration. You are innately the philosopher in the way that you look at life and consider those around you.

In many ways, you are a true "free spirit". While you are extremely polite and tactful, you seem to have no difficulty being firm and definite. Communication is frank, open, and no one has to wonder where you stand on an issue. Weakness or timidity is rarely a problem with this placement.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Moon ☽

You have a nature that is two-sided and like most Cancers, a personality that needs a home, vocation and security. At the same time the Sagittarius side wants adventure, romance and freedom in general. This dream will always be a part of you even though you might be more conventional with your profession and lifestyle. Your Sagittarius Moon gives you optimism, faith and hope for the future so you are not the ordinary gloomy Cancer. You are open-minded and cheerful no matter how many difficulties you are encountering. You have a positive outlook on life.

There is a spirituality about you and this makes you idealistic and talkative. Your lifetime has been one filled with lofty goals and numerous dreams and because you possess high standards, you do not settle for second best. You have an expansive vision and find it difficult to narrow things down. When you think of all the terrific things you are interested in, you can lose your sense of self. It is hard for you to choose only one. Your efforts can be sabotaged by these internal longings, particularly when you are overworked or have a lot of responsibility and drudgery in your life.

Do you sometimes instantly leave what you are doing and chase after some far-fetched fantasy? Rather than abandoning your structure, projects and responsibilities, you should be sure to allow time for contemplation, music and travel. You appear carefree and free-spirited in your social life and this implies an enthusiastic, outgoing and trusting person. You are, however, a lot deeper than you generally seem to be. You are fascinated by new ideas and are philosophically minded. You dig deeper and are never satisfied with what is only on the surface.

You want the real and true meaning of things. You find it hard to focus your affection but you are very trustworthy and loyal when you love someone. Sticking with one partner might be difficult because you get bored easily. Things that fulfill your desire to be an adventurer should be allowed too. Get on a plane or train and permit your being to escape. You always speak your mind directly and candidly. You are fundamentally an emotional being and your tastes are frequently grounded in gut reactions. You say things that are regretted later because your emotions are the boss and as a result you need to develop some tact or you will lose friends.

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