Sun in Cancer — Moon in Scorpio

The combination of the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Scorpio produces a forceful and temperamental personality. Your emotions are so near the surface that it takes more than the ordinary amount of understanding to reach you. You are intense and somewhat dramatic in your actions. Though not necessarily the life of the party, you do have a certain magnetic appeal and commanding demeanor. This draws people to you in the political, educational, or social arena of life.

You are not so popular as you are impelling. When your feelings stay out of your way, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. But when the sensitive side of your nature does come into play, you can be equally destructive. You can show extremes of concentration on a purpose and a very dedicated devotion to duty. You are never the type to be unkind or mean. You have a deep sense of protectiveness, most for your family or for those friends to whom you are particularly close.

You are not the idealist, but rather are attracted to the practical dollars and cents issues and personal worldly ambitions. The romantic side of your nature is ardent, demonstrative and lavish in affections, but apt to be extremely jealous if given a cause. Defensive behavior is strongly marked in your nature, and you seem to have your feelers out for threatening vibrations almost all the time.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Moon ☽

Success in life is almost guaranteed because of your self-assurance and personal magnetism. Cancer-Scorpios seem to just get things easier than others because they are just plain lucky. You have both influence and respect because, no matter what you undertake, you just seem to be a winner. This gets noticed. You appear mysterious and you intrigue people because of your Cancerian protective exterior. You do not want to share your inner thoughts so you are guarded about revealing feelings and reactions.

The Cancer-Scorpio person is not the Cancer who most people think they know. They are not an insecure, timid, introvert that we usually read about. The real shrewd and tenacious self is difficult to spot under your modest and mild mannered exterior. You may seem unprepossessing and even modest, but it’s not hard to discern your true inner shrewdness and tenacity. Underneath that cool image of yours is a very intense, forceful, and determined individual. You are a very emotional person beyond your exterior. The situation you are dealing with or the person himself or herself determine your response and reaction to them.

Intuition is your decision maker and reason plays little or no role. Your shrewdness and perception mean that you are almost always right. You are always plotting your next move because you are so untrusting and suspicious. Wrongs are never forgotten and you have a terrific memory. Betraying you is not a good idea, because you will take your time and get your revenge. You can be vengeful, vicious and petty. You are up for experiencing anything like most competitive people. You can go after pleasure, self-indulgence and sensuality as aggressively as you do you professional enterprises.

You take risks about whom you can trust and your sense is reliable in most cases. Making fun of you is hazardous, because you are quite serious about yourself. You, on the other hand, can be cruel, sarcastic and blunt about the weaknesses of others, which you can readily perceive. Honing your sense of humor and tact would be a good idea. Gloom and depression are things that you might suffer from, even more than other Cancers. Your emotions need to be dealt with candidly and you should be less tight lipped about your feelings, including hurt and enmity. Holding a grudge or pouting are not healthy. You think life is an endless struggle and you are always on guard.

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